70 thoughts on “United gives Michael Owen what Liverpool couldn't

  1. It took a dodgy penalty decision and a scouser to win #19 for Man Yoo. Never forget that.

  2. good on u owen yeh he hasnt plyed much games but his scored his fair share of goals when needed i still remember the mancity goal last season thats how owen should be remembered not playing for a shit team like liverpool all his life
    hell be remembered because of the goal and what it meant
    u deserve it mate.

  3. You can’t even one with thousand penalties, 20 year of effort and a city full for f***in scouscers. Its the winning mentality and super team mates he got at united..(which he never had at liverpool).. of your perch scouser c***.

  4. will howard web pick up his winners medal at blackpool next week?
    as for owen, nothing like being carried eh
    bit like torres for spain

  5. Ive heared of some players dumping there medals because they didn’t play a vital part in the team winning , the same should apply here ! If all that people can remember is a goal he scored against city last season is enough to deserve a winning medal then your nuts ! He has sat on the bench at the end of his career done crap all to be called a title winning player , and has done it just to add to his small medal collection . The guy is crap and should retire . And most of all he does not deseve a medal , if he has a decency in his body … He would dump it in the bin or give it to charity .

  6. Mr Pilkington you must have forgotten to put your glasses on buddy!

    That was a nailed on penalty – suggest you look at the replay!

    Oh by the way you know full well the (oh know sorry you don’t) the final lap of any long distance race is always the hardest!! lol

  7. He hasnt played enough games to get a medal , needs 13+ and Owen is 2 or 3 short ,oh ooooops ,he he he he

  8. cant wait til i get a pic of mickey owen wit his well deserved medal…goin staright up on ta facebook lol!!!

  9. Enough about Howard Webb, he did Chelsea a favor the last game by not sending off Ivonovic. 19 titles is amazing seeing how they had 7 before Sir Alex took control. Stop your crying and get over it. The best team over the season won the title.

  10. Well done United, Chico its people like you that are twats. You mention a winning “mentality”. Wheres your mentality enjoy your moment,what goes around comes around,well done United. Chico your a knobjockey………..

  11. First. You can’t take seriously some whos nickname is Karl Pilkington, having in count The Ricky Gervais Show.
    Second. Owen wasn’t an active part of the season but he’s on the team, so, bring on the cup.
    Third. Any hater may say all they want, number 19 won’t be erased from United.
    Fourth. Nuff Said.

  12. Ioey Howard Webb is actually the best referee in the Premiership by a country mile. So to claim he is biased is utterly ludicrous. As for Owen being carried it is hardly his fault he hasn’t had more games there is far more competition for places than at other clubs. For pity’s sake do stop bitching about Torres he was fine when he was banging them in for Liverpool.

  13. LOL… Yes Karl, you know better than the ref and the linesman. Qualified football official are you??

    Don’t be bitter pal.

  14. Mickey Owen is shit!!! What the hell are u dirty Manc fans on about! What a shit striker ha

  15. Michael was ready and willing when he returned to fitness, if Fergie had played him more his goal ratio would have spoke for itself. If a point decides it in the end you could remember the equaliser against Bolton………

  16. So now Man utd are on there perch………let’s see if you can stay there like the real Reds, LFC have done for 40 years. As for Mr Owen no one will ever remember what he did at Man utd (cos he did nothing), the world of football will only remember, his glorious peek years at Liverpool, and the trophies he helped them win there. Then of course if he had stayed, he would also have won the European Cup, bet that hurt. P.S without the scouser Boy GBH Rooney, where would you be?. Anyways it’s all by the by cos Man Utd’s best players are both in there late 30’s and Mr Alex Ferguson is getting nearer and nearer to well you know the old folk home. Enjoy, cos the end is around the corner and you still have to catch and pass 5 European cups

  17. Go suck your mama’s titty little nerd boy. Whiney sorry ass fuck. Get a life scum fuck.

  18. Didnt realise he qualified for a medal? Has he played 2 complete games and appeared in 10 in total?

  19. united will never dominte european football like lfc 4 euro cups in 7 years and that is the sign of a true CLASS SIDE AND CLUB

  20. Yeah, like his league medal compares to the Champions League medals of Stevie G and Carra. He did fuck all to win it

  21. You might want to pipe down the number 19/top of the perch goading! Come back when you’ve held the record for 20 YEARS!!!!! Not 5 minutes!!!

    To say Owen’s been handsomely rewarded is pretty farfetched! He has hardly contributed at all, is less than a bit part player, and like Torres (re: the World Cup) his medal will feel like a cheap tin fake! As for a Champions League medal! Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa. You comedian! YOU WILL LOSE! I WILL LAUGH (again)! Even if you did win, Owen will have done nothing to earn it, so it will mean… NOTHING! Plus he doesn’t love Manu whatever you may think. Actually he loves himself, but he would have far preferred to win it with Liverpool, but hey!!!

    @ Denise Williams – you would say that about Webb!! Duh!! Em, yeah it is Owen’s fault he hasn’t played more, it’s because he’s shit! Again, Duh!!

    @ Chico – wow what eloquent writing. So beautifully crafted! You really should bless us with more of your fine musings, maybe try earning a living from such talent and give up your day job of being a cunt!!!

    @ john – let me introduce you to a little known invention called grammar! You can spread the word in Manchester (well Surrey) after you learn some!

    Anyway, enjoy the pinnacle of your lives and don’t get too comfy on the ‘perch’!!! It took you a colossal effort to get there over many years and you’re just one ahead! Your time is almost up; you will not even be the best team in Manchester soon!!!
    I won’t be back to this shit pit, so anyone replying is wasting their pointless time!

  22. I would be ashamed to win a champion medal playing in 10 games, 10 minutes each, and scoring one goal. maybe owen will get his medal, but I’m doubt he’ll hang it on his medals wall.

  23. There’s nothing more entertaining than a whinging Dipper.

    Liverpool is the arsehole of the universe — and you’re passing through 🙂

  24. Exiled from Liverpool.
    Forgotten in Madrid.
    Despised in Newcastle.
    And a mere footnote in Manchester.

    High though his titles, proud his name
    Boundless his wealth as wish can claim,
    Despite those titles, power and pelf,
    The wretched concentrated all in self
    Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
    And doubly dying, shall go down
    To the vile dust from whence he sprung
    Unwept, unhonor’d and unsung.
    Breathes there the Man, Sir WAlter Scott

    What price would you pay in search of medals?

  25. Congratulations Micheal, well done although you scored for United an average of one goal per 3 games, some (well two) were vital, not least against City in the 6th minute of extra time.Not forgetting the fabulous hatrick in Germany against Wolfsburg.Liverpool in my opinion should treat their legends with a lot more respect and humility, if you know your history?One goal per every second game at Liverpool, class or what!
    Of course he was worth signing, where do you get a player worth millions of pounds to sign for a club, for no fee? Any one for Johan Elmander, now there is a Bosman worth watching….He plays for Bolton, in case you dont know. lol
    Ps I hear the draw for the Champions league has been made (my imagination) ……Man City vs Rapid Exit.

  26. @Denise Williams, well said , he has been constantly throughout his career hampered bye serious injuries, hamstrings, ligaments, ankle cruciates.So it hardly surprising Sir Alex uses him sparingly, in key games.
    I believe also a player like Micheal Owen brings so much more to United, rubbing of on the younger players.Notice how Wayne Rooney was ghosting into the box last season to score headed goals…coincidence or Owens influence in training.The effect he must also have on Hernandez to model himself on a world renowned goal scorer invaluable!Put a price on that?

  27. Hey mate congrats, but its not the same for you as it would have been celebrating with the Kop…

  28. congrats to the manks for finally getting the monkey off our backs,even though the records are from 2 different ears of football and since the prem ear you lot have been the best……

    saying that,there is 1 man that holds that club together,and he dosnt have much time left in the game,and once SAF retires you watch what happens,your debt is mounting,and you have owners waiting for 1 thing,fergie to retire so they can stip the assests out the club take the money and run,trust me when i talk about dodgey owners we had the worst….

    and 1 more thing you slagg scousers of yet you worship 1,as as for judas,all it took was him to ruin his hero legendary status with us to sit on the bench and pick up a medal and if it wasnt for injuries to berba and a few cup games lol whats he done in the league for u lot,he can sit there with his horses and his 1 prem winners medal and look back with pride at how he won it sat on his arse…..

  29. Liverpool will be back on top inside the next five years. Utd only achieve things after Liverpool have already set the standards. Utd are always in Liverpool’s shadow. Still two European Cups behind despite ‘genius’ Ferguson having more attempts at it than any other manager in European history!!

    Ferguson is a good manager for his longevity at the top. But just like Giggs as a player, he will never be regarded as the best. He was found wanting by the best too many times.

  30. Sour grapes eh loey.

    He has been a team player, like the rest of the lads at O.T. I had my doubts when S.A.F first signed him, but ‘that goal’ against the Bitters dispelled any doubts that were lingering.

    Bred Red

  31. Yeah well done Michael on your big contribution enjoy your plastic medal. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Man U on their victory this season. It took a lot to overturn that Record. However John your going on about a goal against city last season in a 1 off game is what Michael should be remembered for not playing for Liverpool for whom he actually participated in winning 5 medals and was good enough to play for England at the time. I’m really sir Mr Owen will want to be remembered for scoring one goal than having a big part in LFC history you idiot.

  32. alan. You are deluded. If you keep up making comments like that you will end up in Manchester, a resident at Prestwich Mental Facility.

  33. @Alan have we not been hearing this “next five years” for twenty years?You have not won a Premiership title correct? You say Liverpool have won more European cups, while this is correct in essence, how much easier was it to win European cups prior to the seeding involved in the Champions league competition?How many Champions league cups have Liverpool won (1) United (2) with a great chance of a third on the 28th of this month!
    You rattle on Sir Alex is not the greatest ever manager who is?Please dont tell me Bob Paisley.

  34. I’m glad he has won trophies with the Filth. It just enhances my hatred for the little prick. I would rather win nothing and not have him at the club. Anyway, the Filth’s time is up. Barca will embarrass them and next year, the title race will be up for grabs.

  35. @King Kenny fair play regards Micheals record at Liverpool and for England, cant see how its a plastic medal though?What does that mean?

  36. @Scouse UK Before you start flinging rubbish regards the Glazer which i am sure you know sweet fa about, check out your new owners thoroughly hardly whiter than white.Infact as dubious as Hicks and Gillete.Do your home work?

  37. I am sure this forum is just for posting on, an pissing off, does nobody fight there corner. lol

  38. I am not sure what “ear” I am in, but time to go to the Pub!.
    Just for the record.
    Bob Paisley 535 games, 307 wins 57% win
    Sir Alex 1299 games 763 wins 59% win.
    Bonnuit.Cmon you Reds(United) lol

  39. Red scot plastic medal for Michael as he had a negligible contribution to it. Also have to say it was harder to win the European cup before the champions league 1. It was a knock out competition and unforgiving of defeats, LFC benefited from this in 2005. 2. You had to be league or European cup champions to enter before the “champions league” format, again we benefited in 2005.

  40. Red scot by the way very funny about man city v rapid exit. Hope you right man city represent all that is wrong with the game.

  41. I swear I’ve often heard Liverpool fans say Shankly set the foundations and Paisley took over from there. Well Fergie’s done it all on his own.

    Tbh, I can’t be arsed getting into a “which manager is better” debate. It’s even more ludicrous than a “which player is better” debate because so much of what a manager does is intangible, objective, can’t be measured or can’t be seen. What makes a better manager? A Bela Guttman or Jose Mourinho winning trophies short-term, or someone doing a Fergie and managing to change and adapt your style to the evolution of football over several decades (he’s in his fourth now!)

    @Alan: “Utd only achieve things after Liverpool have already set the standards.” Well, we were the first English team to win the European Cup, so kinda pisses on that argument from a great height.

    And also regarding the near pointless and extremely difficult exercise of comparing which was tougher, winning the CL now or the European Cup in the 70’s and 80’s, surely one point to make is that it all depends on the competition around at the time? Liverpool’s success seems to have occurred during a time of English dominance, between the dominance of Ajax and Bayern before them and AC Milan after them.

    We, United, have been kinda shafted by playing in the CL at the same time as the great Ajax and Juve sides of the mid-90’s, the great Bayern and Real sides of the late 90’s and early’00’s, and the great AC and Barca sides of the mid-00’s and early 10’s.

    May kinda seem like I’m clutching at straws, but consider the competition that Fergie has had to face before claiming him to be an underachiever in the CL.

  42. I love the haters screaming that Liverpool set up everything for United. They have not won the title on 20 years and it will be some time before they win it again. Yes they have 5 champions cup medals but they need to be in it to win it. I hope that King Kenny can bring you back to glory Because he was the one to give you number 18. Until you win we will enjoy number 19.

  43. Wooooo! The cockney Reds hate scousers yet one won them the EPL title his season! Hilarious! One won might be too difficult for the average idiot man yoo fan. One means a single object. Won means you achieve some success. Idiot twats…

  44. I love how the Man U fans(I would say Mancs but you all are from Asia and Sussex) are still obsessing over LFC even after you prick won #19. Sad, sad individuals.

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