What To Do With The 35 Year Banner?

Well, we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Man City have won their first major trophy since 1976, their 35 year wait is over, and with it, so is the totting up of the years on the famous banner that hangs from the south side of the Streford End.

To be honest, until I read the many comments on Facebook and the websites and forums out there, I didn’t know how much that banner meant to those City fans! For some, it appeared that the prime motive for winning a trophy was to bring that banner down, rather than to get a trophy in their own rather empty cabinet.

Anyway, it’s over, £1 billion of blood money later and they’ve rendered the banner null and void. Or have they? There’s a big dilemma here about what to do with it now. Here are some ideas:

Well, we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Man City have won their first major trophy since 1976, their 35 year wait is over, and with it, so is the totting up of the years on the famous banner that hangs from the south side of the Streford End.

To be honest, until I read the many comments on Facebook and the websites and forums out there, I didn’t know how much that banner meant to those City fans! For some, it appeared that the prime motive for winning a trophy was to bring that banner down, rather than to get a trophy in their own rather empty cabinet.

Anyway, it’s over, £1 billion of blood money later and they’ve rendered the banner null and void. Or have they? There’s a big dilemma here about what to do with it now. Here are some ideas:

Proposition 1: Replace it with a “43” banner.

For those who are unaware, 43 years would symbolise the last time that Man City won the league title, in 1968. That’s right, the same year that United became the first English team to win the European Cup, a feat that was accomplished two weeks after City pipped us to the title.

To be honest, I see this idea as kinda clutching at straws and also tempting fate a bit. Ten years ago did it seem City would end what was then a 25-year run without a major trophy? No. But one rich oil-baron later and here we are.

Proposition 2: Leave it at “35”, as a reminder

I kinda like this idea. A reminder for City that, were it not for the millions of corrupt pounds injected into them by a Middle Eastern consortium, they’d, in all probability, still be languishing in what was a purgatory of an existence. It may also remind them of a time of when they supposedly had that beloved moral high ground of theirs.

Proposition 3: Replace it with a “19” banner

For me, this is probably the best idea. Basking in our own unprecedented and unparalleled glory rather than in the misery of others, this would purely be a statement of our domestic dominance of the English game, a reminder of the depth of our history and the magnanimity of our achievements.

Again, I don’t want to tempt fate, Fergie’s first league title in 1993 made it 18-8, and I don’t think any Liverpool fan anywhere could have imagined us ever surpassing their total. But 19-2? It is a dangerous game to play, but I’m sure that our good friend Mr Financial Fair Play will ensure that the blue pretenders can’t buy too many more trophies for £1 billion.

So ideas in the comments section below and we’ll see what people can come up with!

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  • Last time I’m saying anything on this, got shit to do.

    Right, this “obsessed” argument is getting tedious. I see it all over the internet, whenever one fans criticises/has banter with another club, they’re called “obsessive”. Wow, great comeback. It’s just a lazy, empty cliché. Now how about less of the ad hominem and more attacking the actual argument?

    Now I am aware that United won the league yesterday, I was jumping up and down with delight, and (despite being shafted over and not getting a ticket), I’m very excited about the CL Final. But what did you expect re the banner? We just ignore it and not talk about it? The day after you end the 35 year wait seems like an apt time to mention it. Anyway, I’m sure if we United fans would have not spoken about it we’d have got shit for that as well! We can’t bloody win!

    Now I can (as can most United fans) face the reality that City are a threat to the title. No club can be denied the right to compete. What is annoying is the crap about:

    1) Our time is over because of our debt. This is bullshit and anyone who says this just doesn’t understand business finance.

    2) City’s time to “dominate the world” is now. As I said, you’ve won the FA Cup and got fourth place (the latter being more important). Long way to go yet.

    3) You’ve “deserved” this. Plenty of other clubs have been through a lot worse than you lot. Get over yourselves. Having to see your rivals win trophies is hardly the worst thing in the world

    4) The lies about the City being yours and all United fans being from down South. You know it’s not true, we know it’s not true, so stop your propoganda.

    5) True Champions are not humble in success. Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser. The British hate a winner regardless of how humble they are. And as any football club would do, we go out there to win and aim to please our own fans. Who cares what the others think? Any resentment our success generates only spurs us on further.

    Personally I wouldn’t mind a barren period for United in order to ween out our, well, shite fans. Every club has them, and those with success attract more. If City carry on as you think they will, you’ll get them. Don’t you worry.

  • Tom, you suggested City fans were obsessive in your article, and now you are calling it a lazy empty cliché. Enough said really.

  • Just read through my article, can’t see me calling the City fans obsessive in there.

  • I said you ‘suggested’ it, or is implied a better word?

    Anyway you said no more comments, so relax and enjoy your Sunday and good luck for the CL final.

  • Sneeks, read Tom’s article agan. Correct me if I am incorrect Tom, you were clearly indicating, ‘comments made by other posters’ not your own beliefs.

    So sad to see grown up women & men making argument in a forum set up, not for them, but fans of the most successful team in British football history.

    Go make hay & celebrate your win on your own forum and stop being childish and attemptng to wind up other individuals for your own sad agenda.

  • Ok Bred, this article appears on City’s NewsNow feed which is what brought me here.

    Apart from the fact I doubt Tom needs you to speak on his behalf, I don’t think I have once tried to create an argument?

    Tom says “…it appeared that the prime motive for winning a trophy was to bring that banner down…”. This is a ridiculous statement based on nothing, don’t you think? As if that banner means more than our own club’s success? And this is what I was referring to with regards Tom implying City are obsessed with United.

    And I don’t use forums so I’ll celebrate in the real world, thanks all the same.

  • Few home truth’s city have just won they’re first trophy since 1976, spent millions up on millions and are content with finishing 4th mind you beats 5th last year. then you claim the fa cup is a start of your so called dominance to come, lol valid you won the fa cup, but dont read to much into that, two prime examples of two teams who’ve won nothing since arsenal, portsmouth.
    i can understand all the excitement has you lads must still think your dreaming city have won a cup, enjoy it. but please stop the drivel of this nonsense of a power shift, apparently it’s a united side that has been the poorest in years yet have just won they’re 19th title and could end up winning they’re 4th europaen cup, yes lads thats 19 titles, and what could be a 4th europaen cup alien to your lot i know. what this club is today is everything the sheik, wants you to be but mark my words UNITED you’ll never be SUCCESFULL, HISTORY,PRESTIGE,ROMANCE and so forth. we got it all.
    Another thing our finances we’re self generated prior to the glazers ownership, and even under the glazers we’ve continued to be succesfull 9 trophies fella’s could be 10, and leave the munich comments out of it people died in that tragedy human beings, have some respect. winning a cup in a one off season does’nt represent a powershift it’s doing it consistently like we have 3rd europaen cup final in 4 years, 4th title in 5. oh and thank little old poznan for having to show city fans how to celebrate its been that long.

  • Tom,
    the city really IS OURS,.. andwe certainly dont have 20,000 empty seats either, if you check our average attendance youll see we have less than a few hundred of those,…similar to yourselves at Owe Trafford.
    Your core support does come from areas other than Manchester, try visiting Owe Trafford on match day and listen to the accents. I went to our (easy) victory against your shower at Wemberly, and honestly didnt hear anyone in green and gold with a M/Cr accent. Plenty of Irish though.
    Enjoy your battle against bancruptcy. I cant wait for the day your lot go out of business, we just need a small increase in interest rates, and that should see you off, just as Barcelona will in a couple of weeks!!
    Up the blues,…the city is definatley all ours!

  • The city is yours?
    its more like the city is split, but outside of Manchester, nobody knows who Manchester City are.

    And don’t you think its impressive that despite the debt, since the glazers came in, we’ve been arguably more successful than at any other point in the fergie era?
    We were one dodgy offside call vs Chelsea away from this being our 5th title in a row. We’re in our 3rd CL final in 4 years.
    Things are finally looking up for city, but times still aren’t as good as they are at OT, and we won’t give in without a fight.

  • Keep it upyou sad sad b******s.

    Only acts as motivation to our fantastic club. All the blues were loving the fact that we have got right under your skin now little citeh have won a trophy..Oh sorry bought a trophy…You couldn’t make it up…

    And what about your redundant songs “This is how it feels to be city” or “35 yrs blah blah blah”. And you call us obsessed..

    As for the corrupt money..If the Sheikhs money is that corrupt,I take it you don’t want the Qatari interest to continue…Pricks…Keep filling your cars up boys…35YRS…Nothing will take away our first trophy victory and it makes it all the sweeter having beaten you ungracious twats in defeat!

  • Or why not commercialise it and make money off it like you do off your own historic tragedies?

  • One final comment…Re financial fair play…deal almost done 1–15 mill per season for 10 plus seasons front loaded.Next….

    Red twats are quite clearly bothered about little citeh

  • Can;t wait for Giggs to get outed about his love nest with Imogen..That is the next crisis for the red cunts!!!

  • So many Utd fans are truly tiresome – Do you you really think the banner is that significant to those of us who are enjoying success today in the secure knowledge that more will follow? I also think that your racist comments about our Arab owners, coming from supporters with the owners that you have are truly pathetic.

    P.S. Proposition 6 – Blue Moon Rising!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that would give the Streford End some class

  • How about replacing it with “1 BILLION IN THE RED” see what i did there? …think it could catch on 🙂

  • You all done? Right.

    First of all, the article wasn’t aimed at City fans. I really wanted United fans to put forward their thoughts on the banner, hence why, for example, I tweeted Stretford End Flags about it. I don’t know how fans of other clubs find these articles, it’s a bloody United site, but whatever. The only City site I know of is Blue Moon, and I’ve never even commented on a thread.

    Being a United fan, I felt that the digs at City fans were to be expected. It is an article about THAT banner you know? Give a little, take a little etc

    Third, my supposed insinuation that City fans are obsessed, whilst at the same time bemoaning the trait for people to throw around that criticism. What I said is based on what my City mates were saying on facebook all of yesterday. For example, following the cup win, one guys first comment on the game was,”Tear your stupid banner down!” He wasn’t the only one.

    Then there’s all this Munich stuff. What the hell? We’re the ones that won’t let it go?! You’re the ones still using it, to this day, to insult us! You know its the victims of a slur who are supposed to desensitize it, not the people who dish it out. You tell us to let it go? Fuckin hypocrites, it’s you lot who keep bringing it into conversation.

  • That banner probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but all it did was motivate City fans and players on to have it stopped / taken down.

    If you feel like sticking a similar thing up at OT then by all means go ahead, do Mancini’s team talks for him, Fergie would love us to be so provacative I’m sure.

  • The financial fair play mullarkey should also come into effect with clubs with debts of around 700 million!?
    Keep buying the tickets for the games you can’t even attend boys and girls…Keep wearing those green and yellow scarves while at the same time buying beer and pies and any tat that has a badge in it in your big shop!! THICK!

  • Tom Addison you tit, if you don’t want anyone other than United fans to read it then, dont put Liverpool and Manchester City in the tags.

    what a tool you really are, putting Liverpool and Manchester was no mistake, you damn well knew other clubs fans would find your article by doing it, either youre a liar or a dimwit.

  • Go and sing your silly song “My old man said be a City fan”
    What its basically saying is that you’re from a generation of blues but because we weren’t winning anything and the rags were…you’d decide to jump ship and go and support another team!!..
    Unbelieveable!…Forget the fact your family had supported the blues…youd rather tag on to a team that have no connection at all but were winning!…talk about glory hunting, pathetic.
    TICK TOCK…When Fergie goes you’ll be on the slide.
    Can’t wait.
    Where are you reading this from the home counties!!??,Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you support this team?…On the TV and via your mug and mouse mat at work!! Hahaha!, pathetic.

  • I just get told from higher powers to put as many tags as I can on articles. Seriously, how and why do you find these articles? Do you go on google or something? A Liverpool fan could write something called “Munich Party” and, unless it was brought up on a United site, I wouldn’t know.

  • You’re talking to a season ticket holder mate who lives 2 miles from the ground, so go fuck yourself.

  • Tom

    As I posted earlier-Keep it up-its all the motivation we need…And the Dick head fan who made it..yes you know the one,he is apparently an evertonian….Fucking hilarious….

  • Fair dinkum folks! How can a banner which until 24 hours ago was merely stating a 35 year old truth instigate so much animosity bordering on hatred? Would anyone be as offended if someone in Italy, Germany or somewhere else put up a similar banner saying “45 years and counting since England won the World Cup”? I think not.

  • Tom Addison – answer to your question its come through on the Manchester City news on news now so every blue that goes on to see whats happening with City will come across this. be careful with them tags 😉

  • Put it on eBay and with the money you make get that fcukin’ clock fixed !!!

  • Do as u wish with it doesn’t matter one bit to me
    if I had to pick for u take it down and put a new one up celebrating ur own successes leaving it up will just make u lot look pathetic and very petty . I’m having trouble understanding just why ur actually talking about this surely u should be celebrating ur tittle success and anticipating the up coming champ league final .

  • @Frank: V. good point mate. Could it be a case of people making a storm in a teacup because they want to? Probably. Some people love an excuse to kick off.

    @Not in my life time lol: Yeah the boss from this site has shown me this newsnow site, pretty useful site tbh. Can keep my eye on you City fans now….

  • @Colin: See above. If we don’t talk about it, you’ll slag us off for avoiding the issue. If we do, we’re “obsessed”. Surely the most apt time to mention it would be the day after you’ve ended the 35 years? Believe me, I’ve celebrated our record 19th title very much, I’m anticipating the CL final massively and the champagne is already in the fridge should we win.

  • Do you know how boring it is as a noncy southerner who’s been a City fan for 35 years – Junior Blue with the white silky scarf at 10 years old etc etc – to hear both sets of fans rambling on about being the real Manchester team blah blah blah when both rely on fans (and players) from all over the world what century are you living in? My brother is certainly more obsessed with seeing Utd fail than seeing City win but I only really think of the Filth when we play them. The cup win is sooo much sweeter after beating them to get there. Love your banner. Hilarious. But an out of date joke now so find a new one?

  • @RGW: I agree with you mate. Any fan who claims that their clubs support is made up only of “pure” locals, and that they want to keep it that way, is as bad as the BNP or EDL.

    Having such a large, diverse fanbase is what has helped United become the successful club we are. The same goes for Liverpool with their out-of-towners and all other large clubs out there. Look at Barca, massive international following, and because of it (I say it’s the causality rather than the causation because those fans have provided the money to fund what is in place there) they are playing some of the finest football ever seen.

    Thing is, we United fans don’t spread these lies/propoganda like some City fans do. For years we’ve had to put up with this, “All your fans are cockneys, more people in Manchester support City”, and how they can say this with a straight face I don’t know. It’s like religion, falling back on arguments that nobody can disprove. Well just because you can’t disprove it, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

  • We should stick to disagreeing about the football and leave the rest – Munich, debt, ownership – out of it coz neither of us are whiter than white on any of that. That’s why I like the banner joke. It’s about football. The football fact is that we haven’t been close to you since I started bloody well supporting City but of late we are. Our derbies are set to be the best football entertainment literally in the world (& recent ones haven’t disappointed have they?) for years to come. I can’t stand it when partisan allegiance gets in the way of the game and simple fact. Like not seeing a foul committed by your own side it’s caveman bulls**t. As if any City fan with a brain doesn’t know Hernandez has been the best buy in the league this season, or that Rooney’s overhead kick wasn’t magic! Or that YaYa hasn’t come good with two massive goals in two massive games. You’d think none of us had ever played the game the way we bitch on.

  • A banner of any kind will not change the past, nor will it influence the future.

  • As a committed United supporter RGW I have to admit that no sensible fan can possibly disagree anything you said. If only there were more football fans with the same attitude!

  • Replace it with what you want you sad twats, i hope you crash on the way to the printers

  • Well its just funny what these shitty fans have got to say. Personally i don’t care what happens to the banner. All i know is city can never be as good as us maybe that should be written on a banner and put up instead. 🙂

  • Sad United supporters ambushing innocent youngsters and families outside of the City Store today, must have been over a hundred of them.

    Get a life you tits, my nephew’s friend almost got injured and we have reported the incident to the authorities to be dealt with accordingly; it was all captured on CCTV so I see no reason why punishments will not be handed out.

    And you say we’re the ones who are obsessed.

  • “Keep it as 35 as a reminder – that way we can still sing “35 years….FUCK ALL”. Uniteds success was engineered by a grea manager and youth system. City’s ‘success’ if it ever happens will be created by a corrupt Arab who couldn’t give a fuck about football or what it means to us fans. A club with great tradition and trophies to match, or a team with bottomless pits of cash and an FA Cup.

    United -> Citeh”

    43 years…fuck all?!?

    (Cue the “but wait there was a world war omg stop it”)

    If you knew anything about your club’s history you would know the millions of dollars invested at the time were considered astronomical. Double standards of course but I expect no less from you lot.

    Nice accent by the way, you must come from London or something?

  • Tom Addison, obviously you united fans are that much of a bunch of idiots if youre here playing journalist without any true knowledge of how the internet works.

    Tags are there for other websites to crawl and detect articles on blogs, it is the same reason why you put a meta TAG on a website.

    Maybe what you really need to do is stop talking a load of sht for once in your lives and start talking about your pathetic clubs future instead of being in denial.

    Keep the banner up, it will remind you of your sheer and utter godly level of arrogance. And to think you all wonder why the rest of the footballing world hate you so much, stop fooling yourselves because it is not due to you winning this and that.

    Hey you could keep the banner up and count backwards until we win another trophy, we City fans would love to see that.

  • The nastiest, most provocative bile seems to always come from fans (of all teams) who do not actually live in the area from which their chosen club hails.

    Because United have the most fans probably from outside Manchester, they come across as the most vociferous and arrogant of all fans.

    Local rivalry has a self-policing nature – you cannot slag off your Grandparents (or Grandchildren in my case too)and call them Shitty Bitters, or Munichs, nor can they say it to you, as it’s downright rude, and social exclusion and/or a slap surely follows the sort of behaviour the internet and geographical distance safely allows.

    Also, the songs sung in a crowd are possible by safety in numbers – if anyone sings a Munich song near me they will get a dig quick time.

    This is why I hate plastic glory-hunters, because they act more passionately than local fans, and football would be more healthy and competitive if everyone supported their local team, not the ridiculous four horse race we’ve had since Sky invented the Premiership.

    Good luck to United in the Champions League final, I’d like to think my Grandma will be watching from “upstairs”, as she was at the ’68 final with one of my Uncles (Wythenshawe born and bred).

    When you have close friends, family, workmates and neighbours both blue and red, who you love and respect, you can’t behave like a dick, so pack it in if you’re responsible, and you know who you are.

  • You could always send it to the C.O.M.S? We’ll know what to do with it. I’ll give you £35 for it after all it doesn’t even work anymore and it’s looking tired, worn, knackered bit like half the utd squad

  • Wait till Taggart retires, you’ll become very ordinary then……. Just like we were two seasons ago with the wrong manager

    Can’t wait to see you become totally mediocre!

  • Why are you so concerned with City? Just concentrate on your own club?

  • FFS Tony Moulton, see what I’ve written above. What you’re saying is such an empty argmuent. Everytime anyone utters a breath about City, is that what you say? “Just concentrate on your own club.” I suppose that means you don’t talk about any other club? Oh, what’s that? You do? Hypocrite.

    It’s called banter, if United fans would have avoided the issue of the banner we’d have been criticised for that, surely no better time to talk about it would be the day after the 35 year wait is ended?

    Oh and gary.c, that’s right, half the United squad…that just won the fuckin league.

    It’s Grim Oop North, thank you for talking some sense amongst this cacophony of moronic outbursts. I guess some fans feel that they have a lot to prove.

  • That banner was meant to be negative and nasty. The fact that it was put up and allowed by the management of Old Trafford shows that from top to bottom the Man United club are low-class, tasteless, graceless and without dignity in their previous success.

    If you want to put up another banner, as you ask, then what about a banner counting the years since Munich?

    That would suit your tasteless and arrogant club.

  • Had this very conversation yesterday, let’s just take it down as changing any if the years will just be ridiculed and I believe rightly so. Do what they have finally won something, AND? let’s show some class and do something no one is expecting and just remove it and move on.

  • £1BN isn’t that your debt?
    How does that work with financial fair play.
    We pay for our players up front…you amount huge sums of debt
    and have more £30m players in your squad than city do.
    Financial fair play doesn’t work.

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