89 thoughts on “If City fans don't like it – Tough, SHIT HAPPENS

  1. Now then Frank,calm down,was a bit of a silly biased blog that got the responce it deserved,dont take yourself so seriously.

  2. I haven’t read this ‘article’, but what i will say is this – there isn’t a single person in the world who thinks Dimitar Berbatov is better than Carlos Tevez. Not one. FACT.


  3. Moi? Take myself seriously mick? I just give an opinion which some may agree with and many will not! So simple!

  4. Opinions mate! Venture to say that many – not all, experienced football managers will have a different view. Just look at this seasons Stats and Facts presented in the article.

  5. OOOH! Get her!

    Funny, but i didn’t bother to comment either, given that this is a red blog and you are naturally going to look at things through your red tinted specatacles – it’s what fans do, and although I too share the opinion that Tevez is infinitely better than the vampire, I didn’t see the point in trying to burst your bubble.

    But hey, toys out of the pram time is fair game to anyone! Well done for the rant, haven’t laughed so hard since one of your “Fans” tried to argue that Zabaleta should have been sent off in the FA semi instead of Scholes.

    In the immortal words of Michael Winner – “Calm down dear!”

  6. Frank,

    I’ve read a few of your articles before and the comments you raise within them. What I will say is that you tend to ruse to the banter, and writing an article about just that subject sorta raises my point.

    You will always get trolls on the web, the best thing you can do is ignore them, otherwise you will quickly find your passion for writing dwindles. By all means take on board sone constructive criticism from your writing. All good journo’s would. If your articles get too serious from the outset. No-one will enjoy reading them!!

  7. Many thanks for your advice Kev. Just like all others, it will certainly be taken on board. I have to say however that it will take a mighty lot critics to dampen my passion for what I believe in. As for becoming too serious, that’s hardly likely mate, football is all about light hearted humour between fans..

  8. OBSESSED ….

    Where abouts in London/Essex/Ireland/Kent/Singapore do you live ?

  9. Grim is Garry, city fan from Manchester living in Edinburgh. Massive Morrissey fan and often involved in Morrissey fan-events.

  10. Absolutely none of them DAZ – You are so far off course it’s not funny! So where do you think the Manchester UNITED obsession come from?

  11. Dumb sort of a comment DAZ! What did Bebe cost United and what salary is he on compared to Silva? By your argument Tevez should be scoring twice as many goals as Berbatov for the wages he’s being paid!

  12. As a lifelong city fan, I didn’t have any issue with the article, nor this one.
    I actually enjoy debating United fans, especially nowadays,(big grin).
    I also will not argue with idiots, no matter the fan base, just that makes me an idiot.
    Oh yeah, and I really hope you guys keep Berbatov. Best thing that could happen for city… (another big grin).
    Good article, keep it up mate

  13. Frank,

    OK – so you’re from Australia, not the States. That obviously completely invalidates all my comments. Not.

    You mentioned on the Tevez/Berbatov you’ve watched more football than all the other posters put together. Interesting – I’m 43 and have seen probably 70% of all City’s games since I first went to Maine Road in 1976 as an 8 year old.

    You see Frank, I’ve been writing for fanzines, blogs and websites since long before you even bought your first pair of Official MUFC Lee Sharpe underpants when football first started in 1992.

    Like I said Frank – get the crayons out mate. Leave the wannabe journalist stuff alone now.
    By the way, can you confirm Kylie, Jason, Rolf, Dame Edna and Skippy are all big reds like Eamonn Holmes, Angus Deayton and Dick Hucknall?

    Tick, Tock (hope you like the tick, tock taunt – I invented it!!!)

  14. Frank , as at 5 mins before i posted this Castrol rankings showed Berbatov 10th . Tevez 70th in its rankings .
    There are non so blind as those who can not see . Like yourself i look forward to next season and im fortunate to have mates who are City supporters but enjoy the banter without vitriol .

  15. Have you not croked it yet Frank, the world will be a much better place without many of you.

    All that matters to you United morons are statistics that suggest your better than everyone, the day united start to win absolutely nothing will be the day your lives become so shallow and dull.

    On that first day you will wish you croked it and saved yourself a lot of humiliation.

    Definition: United fan; Arrogant, Hypocrite, shallow, ignorant, weak, pathetic, dull, open book, cheap, nasty, souless, gutless, moronic, loadmouthed, crettin.

  16. From the look of your photo I am guessing you failed to attact an attractive woman in your lifetime, probably why youre so much of a bitter twisted butt ugly poor excuse for a human being.

  17. You see Boss, I told you so… lol.Its a tribal arrangement, you cant teach old dogs new tricks.They (City) are in hyper mode, they are on the up dont you know? ha ha.Anyway we all love you, you provide us all with great articles to read and learn from, not like some of the comedy that is ‘written’ on the forum when the City lads and lasses, feel the need to start their toilet based attempts at A. Humour.B knowledge of football.C.Un witty snide remarks, that miss the mark repeatedly.
    The forum is wrong now boss, so much fun could be add if there was an individual reply button to each ‘ poster’ of nonesense.A one on one, if you like!Although some of the City lads have used an arguement to debate their position based on facts, not just uselessly firing of anal put you downs!
    I would seriously like to stay and have my say, and support your stance, which is clearly based on decent talk and use of grammer.Unlike some of the ‘ cretins’ firing of vitroil remarks with no thought.Its brilliant and more stupid than a innocent can handle.lol.The thought of balls the size of space hoppers behind the safety of a computer screen springs to mind.I wonder do they communicate with, United, Arsenal or Chelsea mates as an example the way they approach a ‘conversation’ on a message board? Just asking.I would imagine they would be sectioned, or lose their mates pretty fast.Anyhow it was fun reading this and learning really zero over the merits of Berbatov in comparison to Tevez, without the lame personal attacks, which in my case fall on a blind lad.
    I have to go shopping now, weekly supermarket run…72 miles single journey,must purchase some reality and realism.Its buy one get one free, I believe this week! I know where I would direct that to, but thats a seperate issue.
    Ps Cheers for sticking up for me on the other thread, yes I am a young Scots fellow, although nobodys fool. lol.
    Keep it Red and keep it true Boss.You know it makes sense.You are on a hiding to nothing.Even you know that. lol.The new found confidence will be exposed, you know it, I know it, its only a question of when!.

  18. Berbatov doesn’t project the sustained aggression that characterizes Sir Alex’s favoured style of football, whereas Tevez does, which creates the mystery why Sir Alex let Tevez slip away and kept Berbatov. One explanation maybe that Tevez is an awkward character to deal with. Sir wants aggression on the pitch, but aggression pointed at him in the dressing room, as Mancini is now experiencing, just will not be tolerated. But the simple answer may be that at United, Tevez was running around a lot, but not scoring enough to satisfy Sir Alex. However, now at City, Tevez looks as though he has really improved since his United days. Most likely because City is built around him. At United, with Rooney around, he could never be the center of attention, which is what he seems to need or even crave.

  19. Morning Frank,

    I see you’re at it again! – Cheeky title, let the wind up begin.

    After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that a healthy interest in one’s near rivals, both geographically and trophy-wise is part and parcel of the average football fan’s life.

    Where does healthy fall into obsession ‘tho? Two articles tweaking the tail of your arch enemy in a week?

    Many City fans take this increase in attention on us by United fans as an indication we are now firmly right up there with you, and are seen as credible challengers on all fronts – me included – which is a compliment to our great football team!

    The Tevez vs Berbatov debate only highlights areas where City have even overtaken United – we bought one of your best young players, he’s rated above your record signing, and when we sell him on, he’ll fetch more money than Berba, and we’ll turn a healthy profit.
    Also, if he does leave, we’ll replace him with an equally top drawer player (maybe Christiano, if the Sun are to be believed, which they’re not!), which United can’t afford to do:)

    So please keep on tagging and tweaking City, all it does it show how we’re on the up, and United will struggle to keep up if they keep underinvesting in the manner of the last couple of years (new owners may change all that of course).

    I find myself quite enjoying this banter, mainly because for the first time in decades, we seem to be winning much of it.

    So come on City fans, embrace the attention, it makes us look very favourable indeed.

    Manchester thanks you Frank.

  20. Keep on writing Frank – Enjoy the articles and it’s a pity that the debate from most is juvenile and tired with only a few managing a coherant response that is worth reading. As for Tevez…he’s off! The mercenary is off again – not even the ‘certainty’ of a trophy laden future and bags full of cash could entice him into staying at City.

    Grim – “we bought one of your best young players” You say it as though Tevez was gagging to go to City but the fact is Tevez wanted to stay at united but we wouldn’t pay the asking price. Now he’s off again (or so he says) so what does that say about the pull of City?

  21. Please please please please stop this tongue in cheek nonsense. Berbatoz is not fit to clean Tevez’s boots. Yes they have scored the same amount of goals this season, but Tevez has given a lot mor to our team than just goals. Can the same be said about Berbatov? No, thats why he has been resigned to the bench for the last couple of months in any of the really important matches. Im a blue from Salford, so as you can imagine the majority of my mates are reds. We had the Tevez v Berbatov discussion in the pub on Monday night. Myself and 5 reds. How many do you think said they would have Tevez, and how many Berbatov? Well, I’ll tell you. All 6 of us said Tevez. Thats the honest of god truth.
    Anyone who says otherwise, is doing so wearing a blindfold. The people spouting the nonsense ‘give me Berba anytime’ are the same people who were singing ‘Fergie, Fergie sign him on’ about Tevez. But then quickly changed their mind when he signed for us and decided he wasn’t good enough. It truly is amazing to listen too.
    Now, as for the tagging issue. Of course you are writing these articles to get a rise from city fans. It would be a little bit boring if you made these nonsense blogs up just to get 30 reds to come on and agree with you. So, why not light the touch paper and sit back and enjoy whilst Blues like my self bite, as we can simply read and let you get away with your bile. Fair play to you. You have promoted your site in a very clever way. Its a petty its with absolute dross that even the most hardened United fans would dismiss – only if they were in an empty room however!!

  22. Wow! Now that’s what i call a rant!

    ‘Manchester City fan in disagreeing with a Man U fans opinion’ shocker!

  23. Many thanks to wiuru who was kind enough to bring this to my attention – “Frank , as at 5 mins before I posted this, the Castrol rankings showed Berbatov 10th – Tevez 70th. There are none so blind as those who can not see”

    http://www.castrolfootball.com/rankings/rankings/ SURELY, even the blinkered City fans can see that enough is said!

    Best City ranking? Joe Hart at number 34…Hmmm

  24. @grim up north . What stats are you reading ? Castrol rankings Berbatov 10th Teve$ 70th .

    city blue im ashamed to say it but we have fans like you ! grab a dose of maturity young un .

  25. OH MY GOD!!!!! For a moment Frank I was actually willing to reason with you and understand that you’re blogs were just a chance to promote debate between rival fans. But now that yourself and wiuru have backed up your arguments with http://www.castrolfootball.com/rankings/rankings you have totally undermined any hint of respect any real football fans may have held for you.
    You really should have done your homework on the Castrol (aren’t they an oil company) ratings. If you think they are worth any consideration would you really respect a ratings list that has Malouda at No. 8 and Lampard at No.9, whilst Xavi and Iniesta are 18 and 22 respectively?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, now you really are embarrasing yourself. NO.7 on the list is a centre back from Borussia Dortmund called Mats Julian Hummels……yes…..you know him don’t you? He’s made 4 appearances for the German national team……yes thats him.
    Oh, and lets not forget…your strike partnership of Rooney and Hernandez…where are they? Thats right No.s 84 and 92.
    I think you can see where I’m coming from can’t you??? Well, just in case you can’t. The Castrol ratings are utter b*ll*cks at best!

  26. Oh, and one more thing! Wiuru, I think as it was you who brought this ridiculous list to the worlds attention, its time you crawled back under the rock from which one came if thats where you gain your footballing knowledge from. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. CLOWNS!!!

  27. @woodsy all this in your not so humble opinion?

    Those rankings are respected throughout football they are a flagship stats site scrutinised by actim etc . totally unbiased , if they dont suit your view of the game thats fine . But do not knock what you obviously dont wish to understand . I have no arguement about Rooneys or Hernandez rating .

    Im 60 ive been a Red since i can remember you swear and tell people to crawl under rocks . Tell me were dose the bitterness come from ?

    Im glad i havn’t sank as low as you .

  28. OK Woodsy – and all your fellow City experts. Pfft, forget the Castrol rankings. I will accept your unbiased opinions instead. NOT!

  29. Wiuru – Listen pal. I couldn’t care less how old you are. Age does not mean knowledge. If you are going to present an arguement you really need to back things up. Who through out football respects these ratings? Tell me! Flagship site? Please, do me a favour.

    ‘Im 60 ive been a Red since i can remember you swear and tell people to crawl under rocks’ Read this back to yourself pal. It makes absolutely no sense. It basically suggest you have been a red since 10.05am this morning when I made those comments.

    Statistics and Ratings can be manipulated to provide any number of scenarios when it comes to who is better than who. Thats why most people trust there own eye, and fair debate to decide who is a better footballer than someone else. But, if you can tell me that Lampard and Malouda are better, or have had better seasons, than Xavi and Iniesta. Then you really dont deserve to either have a keyboard at hand or watch the beautiful game. Frank – please grab your opportunity to take at least a little bit of respect back by confirming you do not agree that these ratings represent an accurate view of the abilitites of these footballers.

    For the record Wiuru, I am 33 years old. I was an apprentice foootballer back in the mid ninties and then went on to play semi professional football for 10 years. I too like to think I know a bit about the game. I however base my optinions on that knowlegde rather than what a website collated by an oil company tells me.

    I thank you!!!

  30. That’s the worst thing…Frank is the author of this blog, he’s a united fans and he’ll write thing in favor of United…but according to you people a person cannot have his own opinion…that’s what you all are basically talking about.
    Why are u city fans so obsessed…This is a manchester united blog where manchester united related news and articles are written…why don’;t u people open up your own blogs where u people can talk shit…don;t roam around here…you don;t belong here…get lost

  31. Manu92 – Go and have a look at most of the city sites and blogs and I think you will find a large chunk of comments made by united fans. Thats what these sites are about, banter and debate. It would be a little bit boring if they were just fans of the same club agreeing with each other on every topic. I don’t agree with some city fans on many occasion. Thats what OPINIONS are for!

  32. I expect Sir Alex and Senor Mancini use the Castrol Rankings everyday to tell them who to buy, who to sell, who to drop and who to leave in!

    This is the first time I’ve come across this set of stats, I’ll need to read it thoroughly before taking it as Gospel.

    I think we all make our minds up on players based on the evidence of our own two eyes usually, but to dismiss stats is perhaps to miss unsung heroes who make loads of tackles, good passes etc.. who don’t catch the eye. I’m a big fan of Gareth Barry, although plenty of Blues aren’t, and I appreciate the way he does his job without a fuss.

    This article isn’t about Tevez vs Berbatov, but for what it’s worth, I’ve never had Berbatov down as a typical ManU player, in that he doesn’t work his socks off all game long, unlike Tevez. Having said that, four years ago if you said we’d be having a debate on which £30 million pound player was better between City and United, I’d have wanted a go on whichever drugs I suspected you were sticking up your nose!

    Also, Fifthcolumnblue is correct, there is “something about the night” regarding Berbatov, has anyone seen his reflection in a mirror ever?

    Now I come to think of it, Ryan Giggs has the look of a Lycanthrope about him too, hairy bugger that he is.

  33. @CiTyBlUe=Look at your comments…just look at them…u signify stupidity…”Definition: United fan; Arrogant, Hypocrite, shallow, noigrant, weak, pathetic, dull, open book, cheap, nasty, souless, gutless, moronic, loadmouthed, cretti”
    *So u according to you united fans are arrogant…then what are you?…u people spent over 200 million bucks…did u won the league?…without that much amount of money there was no way u could have done anything…are you thinking that city is the next real madrid?..you think u people are royal like united and other big clubs?…get it straight…even if u people win silverwares in future, still u’ll be ridiculed…because in city, it’s all about money
    *then u called us Hypocrite…now i’m laughing my ass out…what is city>…group of footballers who talks about football and passion but in reality only cares about paychecks and bonuses…in short money…that my friends is Hypocrisy
    *shallow=why?..kindly explain…if u can…which i know you cannot coz u are brainless
    *noigrant=u call us ignorant…you were the ones who discarded players like adabayor, bellamy, given, santa cruz, ireland and now doing the same thing with wright phillips and soon jhonson will leave just coz of that…ur manager and ur team just don’t respect your individuals…you find a player better than the current and you throw him out…how many times will you see that happening in United…or in any other club?…
    *then u called us weak…now we all know who’s more successful…since football started..i’,m not going to start a comparison from 1992…i’m gonna start the comparison from the 19th century…now tell me who’s better…in terms of success, character and class…:P
    *pathetic, dull=another big laughing point…we are not the one who parked the bus at the eastlands earlier this season in the league…when u people played negative football and got a point and the same thing you did against arsenal at the emirates..c’mon u jerks…u are pathetic and boring and dull…have a look at your stadium…it’s never jam packed…i remember the replay of the FA cup game against Notts county…the replay was at the eastlands and your stadium was half filled…at times you got to back up your team…but no…your stadium remains empty in most of the games…which shows that even city fans are not interested in watching their team play
    *cheap, nasty, souless, gutless, moronic, loadmouthed, cretti”=that sums up Manchester city

  34. HA HA. Just read Manu92’s tirade at CiTyBlUe. Couldn’t stop laughing. Absolutely none of it makes sense. I had trouble understanding it. Its so funny. Just for the record though – we people didn’t spend 200 million. The owners did. Oh and it was GBP not bucks! hahahaha.

  35. Agreed Woodsy. These Castrol rankings do not completely “represent an accurate view of the abilitites of these footballers” BUT it does represent a view of the current, unbiased rankings. You may remember that FIFA came in for a lot of flak when the World Rankings were introduced a few years ago yet those same rankings are starting to get a lot of credibility around the football world. You must agree that both Castrol and FIFA rankings are far more scientific than a mere, biased gut feeling.

  36. @It’s Grim Oop North=now you are disrespecting Ryan giggs…wow…no wonder why manchester city fans are ridiculed and abused all around the world…coz you people just dont respect…u ass he’s a club legend…atleast respect him…who the hell do you thing you are?…u think u are some cool bozo lurking around here trying to impress city fans…c’mon u jerk…go on some football video website watch da highlights of the fa cup final game and even the semi final game and make yourself happy…coz u people can never ever attain the status of Manchester United….never…no comparison whatsoever…and i’ve just heard that tevez is leaving..hahhahahahahha…if u people loose him then u people will be screwd!

  37. @Woodsy=i know..u couldnt understand the tirade…coz i spoke the truth..:)
    above all we manchester united fans use the word “we”…instead of manchester united…when i said u people spent 200 million…i was talking about ur club…your stupid club..not real people you dumbass

  38. @Woodsy =kindly explain what you couldn;t understand from my tirade?..if u want to

  39. Woodsy, i did say that if they did not suit your view of the game thats fine ! But the last thing your posts suggest is proffesionalism .I can respect your opinion but the bullying tone of your writing and constant put downs suggest there is and can only one valid opinion and thats yours .

    I wish you and your team well next season . I also hope mine has the right response to all who challenge us .

  40. Frank – my point is – If you take my point about Malouda/Lampard and Xavi/Inesta, does this not totally discredit these ratings? What are the ratings based on? As I have said, statistics can be manipulated to prove or disprove any option. How for instance can a central defender for a club in the german bundersliga (admittedly they were worthy winners this season) come higher in the ratings than a player in the same position that has also helped his team to the league title, but also performed excellently in the champions league to take his team to the final? Who am I talking about? Well, guess what? It could be one of two. Vidic and Pique! But according to Castrol Mats Julian Hummels is better than both. Like it or not, this is exactly what a rating system suggests. That the higher the rating the better you are. It beggers belief.

    I am not completely dismissing stats as Its grim oop north might be suggesting. I’m merely pointing out that ratings are collated by statisticians. Stats can be manipulated and I can guarentee that if you gave a whole host of stats to another company tomorrow, they would come up with a completely different list. As they too would use only the statistics they thought to be relevant.

    Correct me if I’m wrong….but I’m not! haha.

  41. Manu92 – I shan’t be explaining anything to you. As you come across as a toothless simpleton and rightly or wrongly, they are not the type of people I wish to debate with. Perhaps you would be better suited to an argument about how letters there are in the alphabet. I’m sure you’d disagree there are 26!

  42. Ive been watching this post quietly from afar. Since my first pos ie noticed a single point, that distinguishes the opinionated but generally accepted comments, from those that are not!

    Less than industrial language aimed at insulting, not re-informing your point does not win an argument.

    Example. Which has more credibility?

    I honestly don’t see how you could fucking think that?
    Honestly you just a dumb fuck if you cthink that?

    Use your words carefully young ones!!!

  43. Frank, I’m not sure why you keep reiterating that my opinions are biased. I’m a city fan. Not once have I mentioned any city players with regards to the ratings. I have used players that I presume everyone knows to discredit the ratings system. I’m not sure how my opinions can be deemed biased. If biased, would I be lauding the talents of Vidic ahead of a Hummels?? I think not!

  44. Right, I’m bored now! Thank you for the opportunity for debate Frank. Keep up the good(ish) work. ha. Wiuru – I can’t bring my self to wish your lot luck, but you seem like a decent enough chap, so all the best to you. Manu92 – You I fear are a little bit mental and are exactly the type of fan that gives your club a bad name. They could do without the likes of you.

    Goodbye all!

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