90 minutes will decide a 9 month battle!

In football, just as it does in life, a persons best qualities tend to shine through in adversity. Many examples of that fact can be pointed out in a multitude of ways and one of the very best examples was shown this season by Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Contrary to many past years, the Carling Cup may well become the only piece of silverware added to the bulging Old Trafford trophy cabinet but that does not even begin to define the story of 2009-10.

Fans no longer crave quality at Old Trafford

The matter of the Manchester United enigma named Dimitar Berbatov was only brought up in these columns a few weeks ago but his performances since, culminating in last Sunday’s somewhat petulant display at Ewood Park, has put the Bulgarian’s name back on everyone’s lips. It may be timely therefore to revisit the question of where he goes from here because his time at Old Trafford could well be coming to an end.

A Ferguson-Mourinho Dream Team will be deadly

At the end of 12 turbulent days which have almost certainly destroyed a season that had unexpectedly produced so much, everyone at Manchester United must now pick themselves up, see out a season in which for all its promise will most likely not produce anything more substantial than the often maligned Carling Cup, then start planning for a new challenge come next August.