Mark Bosnich

Sheringham now winning chips instead of medals

What do you do after retiring from playing football in your early fourties? Most professionals go into management, coaching, the media or something where the vast knowledge built over many years can be used. Others like Eric Cantona and Vinnie Jones found a new talent in acting to become movie stars. If you were the man who proved to be the ace in the pack when Manchester United completed that history making treble in 1999 however, you take a totally different career path like Teddy Sheringham did.

United to Chelsea – road to oblivion for Bosnich

When goalkeeper Mark Bosnich was signed by Manchester United from Aston Villa during the 1999 close season as successor to Peter Schmeichel, a career that had originally commenced at Old Trafford for a 16 year old kid from Sydney, appeared to have completed a full circle. In less than 3 years however, at the age of 29, he was on the scrapheap, his career destroyed when it should have been at its prime!