Roy Hodgson

Hodgson and Ferguson lead the way for RESPECT

It’s far too early to begin calling it a love-in yet, but there’s a chance that we may be seeing the start of a thawing in the long, bitter relationship between two of the biggest rivals in the Premier League. What’s more, this welcome turn of events which comes just weeks before the new season, is being led by some of the most influential figures at both Anfield and Old Trafford. And not before time.

Joe Cole type mercenaries not welcome by Sir Alex

There were many eyebrows raised when news came through that Chelsea’s unwanted Joe Cole signed a four year deal with Liverpool after hawking himself to half a dozen clubs. Before anyone throws the accusation that Manchester United fans are obsessed with what goes on at Anfield, it has to be made clear that irrespective of where Cole ended up going, these comments would have been precisely the same.

Torres for United? Sure, and Neville for Anfield!

It disappeared almost as soon as it was published – and little wonder! In a summer where some of the craziest stories have seen the light of day, the headline “Manchester United in bid for Liverpool’s Fernando Torres” has to be as wild as it can possibly get. There can only ever be one other which will ever surpass it and even in the wildest of dreams, a story claiming that “Hodgson wants Gary Neville at Anfield” can never even begin to be imagined