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Scousers in mourning as Mancs fight the Glazers

The anti Glazer Green and Gold campaign has often been criticised by Liverpool fans for failing to make a difference in removing the hated Glazer family  from Old Trafford.

Those same  Scousers now appear to have given up all hope of saving their own club by going into a black shirt protest movement. Is that the best they can do? Are they already in mourning?

Don’t give up just yet Scousers, you’re still

one point away from the relegation zone

Liverpool fans have given up the fight by going into mourning

Surely, survival in the Premier League is not impossible - YET

Have the Scousers given up too soon?


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  1. jon says:

    the best thing about that is the fact they are the new shirts.

    its probably a promotional tactic lol



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