11 thoughts on “Milner and Rodwell may be on United's hit list

  1. For 15m? he can fucking behave himself.. old bastard!. Rodwell isnt going anyway, hes about to sign a 40k a week contract at Everton.

  2. Yea..we can get him for initial 15m and it cud increase depend to his performance…same as rooney .. Playing in the Champions league will attract either players to old trafford…

  3. Haha. The certainty with which you say that united bid for Villa yet the quotes from Valencia just say an English club that wasn’t Chelsea. I very much doubt it was united considering you can’t even service your debts, let alone go out and buy a striker, Milner and Rodwell. Good luck next season with your star signing from Mexico.

  4. hahahaha, made a bid for David Villa……..what was it? £2.50 plus gary neville?

    Broke and doomed

  5. Utd are “thought” to be in the bidding for Milner? By who?

    We’re going to offer Carrick in part exchange? City will pay cash on the nail, no installments. They could offer Robinho, or Stephen Ireland.

    This is the sort of player we would have been in for, back in the good old days. I’ve seen him linked to the richest team in the world. I haven’t seen anything about us.

    As for Benzema, this is also wishful thinking. City have an “agreement of understanding” with Real, we will only get him if City pass on him first. They have a similar relationship with Barca, and their dodgy sheik is a shareholder in many of Berlesconi’s media companies, so the same goes for AC Milan.

    I’m hating all this. City’s owners only bought them to demonstrate superiority of gulf arab / islam over our american/jewish owners. They are gradually tightening the screw. The Glazers are paying 16% to Ocean Finance, whilst City’s owner bails out barclays. The ginger vampires suck £70m out of our club, whilst City are swimming in petrodollars.

    I’m fed up of reading comments from our “fans” that they are giving up their season tickets because we have a season without silverware, and finish second. City’s fans followed them down to the 3rd tier of english football, and back up.

    It sickens me that City, and the team I love, are heading in opposite directions

  6. £15m? Haha. Yeah, and why not but Torres at £25m while you’re at it.

    Everton are not a selling club. If you want Rodwell, then cough up £30m and Moyesie might just think about it.

    £15m, what a joke. Do people not research stuff before printing such crap?

  7. LMFAO !!!

    As if Stretford have that sort of cash to splash around. Get a grip

  8. For £15 million you might get Rodwell’s foreskin (perhaps a better prospect than Berbatov) but that’s all. The boy’s on the verge of a new contract that will keep him at Goodison until at least 20106, by which time he’ll be captain of Everton, an experienced England international, and one of the best prospects in Europe. The cream of Europe will want him then – the idea that he’ll go to some penniless Manchester rags is preposterous. And they say Everton fans live in the past….

  9. Oh well done. Good spot Frank! You’re really good on zeroes, aren’t you?!


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