How United fans have suffered under Glazer

First things have to come first. I must confess that although writing about Manchester United has never been difficult, this story is about as hard as it can get. The reason is that it’s not about the football club at all but about a man, someone who’s just like you and me. An elderly man who unlike Malcolm Glazer has devoted his life to the club and whose heart is about to be broken because some greedy bastard, thousands of miles away, is determined to squeeze every last dollar out of it.

Ben Foster urges United fans to stop protesting

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster has urged the club’s supporters to stop protesting against the Glazer family’s ownership and instead show their backing for the club. Foster secured a £6 million move from United to Birmingham this week and the 27 year old’s remarks are likely to stir up anger in the supporters he is leaving behind at Old Trafford.

It's now squeaky bum time for United fans

When Manchester United, not unexpectedly, failed to retain a title which had been held for three successive seasons, the common expectation was that the time had finally come for Sir Alex Ferguson to blow the cobwebs off his cheque book and start spending much of the £80 that had been stashed away from the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid this time last year. Chief executive David Gill had after all repeatedly assured everyone that the cash was available for his manager to strengthen the squad in any way he saw fit.