Beckham: Ronaldo facing tough decision

David Beckham with manchester unitedFormer United superstar David Beckham thinks Cristiano Ronaldo, who admitted that he is a slave yesterday, is facing the most difficult situation in his career to either moving to Real Madrid or staying in Manchester. Ronaldo has been stated his desire to play for Spanish giants, has agreed with Sepp Blatter that there is “modern slavery” in the transfer market and he is an example of that. “I agree with the comments of the president of FIFA. What he said is right,” the 23-year-old winger told Portuguese channel TVI.
David Beckham, who moved for the Spanish capital in 2003 after a famous incident in the dressing room, believes United are very equals of Real Madrid. “When I left Manchester United the only other club I wanted to play for was Real Madrid,” the England midfielder told Sky Sports News.

“Living in Madrid and playing for Madrid – there’s not many better clubs than that apart from Manchester United, which is equal.”But to have those two choices is good for him.”

He also added in The Sun: “Playing for Manchester United was my dream but so was playing for Real. It was an incredibly difficult choice to make and I’m sure it is the same for Ronaldo.”

Should United allow Cristiano transfer to Madrid?

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