5 thoughts on “Father Fergie forgives his son Ronaldo mistake

  1. I’m very happy that ronaldo will stay with us. he is the taste of man utd. i hope sir alex will convince ronaldo to stay more than a year in manchester 🙂

  2. hi

    Ronaldo has realise that he was wrong in his harry to join real madrid and fergie with his wisdom knew how to deal with him…

    we hope to see more magic ronaldo 😀

  3. I really do not know how anybody who have any sheer of dignity allows himself to keep a player that does not want to stay and simply wants to leave. Its nice to fight for your players and try to keep them in but with what happened with Cristiano Ronaldo its just shameful and all this for what?! One more season… Cristiano Ronaldo wont be himself and wont play from his heart… I will come back here on the 1st of June 2009 just to tel you “I told you so” 🙂

    Arsenal – Inter Milan – Real Madrid
    The REAL Kings of Europe

  4. Fergie is a top manager, and he understands that being a top manager you need to keep your top players happy. He handled it professionally.

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