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We are not talking about the famous American show here, but our rival’s in this beautiful city of Manchester, Manchester City! We will never ever love them, but a big change recently happened with the citizens let me think about writing this article.

A Threat coming from the CityBefore closing the transfer window, Manchester City surprised Europe football with the signing of Brazilian international Robinho who reports suggested he was close to sign for Chelsea. This signing came because of a group of investors from the Middle East called Abu Dhabi United Group for Development and Investment (ADUG). Once they took over they called manager Mark Hughes (Sparky was a United legend too!) asked him for any player in his mind and the answer was Robinho. After a few hours they paid a British record fee of £32.5million and Robinho now a player with Manchester City!

This scenario remains football editor and experts of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich when he became the owner of Chelsea Football Club in London. His impact to the club by investment money has direct effect with English football. They got good player, manager and they could won the Premier League twice. Abramovich has spent approximately £600 million on the club since arriving in 2003. However, they could not win the UEFA champions league. The reason is sample, when there is a club call MANCHESTER UNITED other clubs should show respect and clear the way for us!

Yes! Chelsea has tried and still trying to match Manchester United history but they will never reach it. And now the same story is repeating with Manchester City. I really respect Mark Hughes and believe he can build a good team, but money is not everything. Dr Sulaiman Al-Fahim, the new owner of City, has called himself the new Abramovich and makes his goal to let City the best club in Europe. Well, Al-Fahim is young businessman and his ambition is respected, but it seems he has no idea about football history, or at least English football history.

I am saying this because his last chat about their plan to buy Cristiano Ronaldo. He said they can throw a £135 millions to convince United board to let the player move to The City of Manchester stadium. Al-Fahim is likely did not know that our Club preferred to sell Mikaël Silvestre cheaply to Arsenal rather than let him go to Manchester City. Even two years ago, United stayed against Gabriel Heinze desired to play with Liverpool and sold him to Real Madrid, simply because Liverpool are our main rivel! The same will happen with Ronaldo. Cristiano was looking to play with Real Madrid and achieves his childhood dream, so will he consider playing with City as a dream and a progress to his career??

Matar 2003 Golden ball winnerSome people will tell me money can do everything. My answer is if money can do everything we would see Dimitar Berbatov with Manchester City not United. Money can attract good players to Manchester City but not all of them. I think Dr Sulaiman Al-Fahim should invest this £135 millions somewhere else because United will never think to sell Ronaldo to an English club. If he wants my advice, he should invest this money in football in his country, United Arab Emirates, or can pay half of this money to Al Wahda Club in UAE to buy the 2003 World Youth Championship Golden Ball winner Ismail Matar (the tournament was in UAE too).
Finally, I can say that even many people and editors think Manchester City will change the premier league map. This can not affect Manchester United. Chelsea has won trophies after the takeover but they did not dominate English football and our club rebuilt the team and reached the top again. So City may win something, but they won’t be king of English football because big clubs get sick but they never die!

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  • Blackburn fan here…have to say, I think you’re missing a rather big difference if you think turning down 135 million is the same as turning down a 3 million bid. I’m sure a club such as yours with 600 million + of debt will have to consider it extrememly carefully if and when Citeh come knocking for the cream of your crop.

    Plus I’m still to be convinced that Berbatov was made aware of the bid from Man City in time. Seemed like SAF almost kidknapped him from the airport and then locked him up at all trafford until almost midnight.

    I’m very interested in seeing what Sparky can do at City, even though I still resent him leaving Blackburn for what was at the time a much shakier prospect.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if they bought Ronaldo off you in the summer, along with the likes of Fabregas, Kaka etc…

    If this takeover sticks, I think Man City could well become the top team in the prem for years to come.

    Sad that the fact of it being mostly down to money will detract somewhat from Hughes’ accomplishments should it happen, but it’s not enough to have money, you have to be able to spend it well – an ability that Hughes has proved he has in abundance.

  • thanks for your comments,

    weshtery i liked your comment.. but if you notice most players like buffon and ronaldo have rubbished man city interests on them..

    ya maybe they could make a good team… in general this will improve the premiership more and more 🙂


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