7 thoughts on “Money and the City

  1. Blackburn fan here…have to say, I think you’re missing a rather big difference if you think turning down 135 million is the same as turning down a 3 million bid. I’m sure a club such as yours with 600 million + of debt will have to consider it extrememly carefully if and when Citeh come knocking for the cream of your crop.

    Plus I’m still to be convinced that Berbatov was made aware of the bid from Man City in time. Seemed like SAF almost kidknapped him from the airport and then locked him up at all trafford until almost midnight.

    I’m very interested in seeing what Sparky can do at City, even though I still resent him leaving Blackburn for what was at the time a much shakier prospect.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if they bought Ronaldo off you in the summer, along with the likes of Fabregas, Kaka etc…

    If this takeover sticks, I think Man City could well become the top team in the prem for years to come.

    Sad that the fact of it being mostly down to money will detract somewhat from Hughes’ accomplishments should it happen, but it’s not enough to have money, you have to be able to spend it well – an ability that Hughes has proved he has in abundance.

  2. thanks for your comments,

    weshtery i liked your comment.. but if you notice most players like buffon and ronaldo have rubbished man city interests on them..

    ya maybe they could make a good team… in general this will improve the premiership more and more 🙂


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