3 thoughts on “Bayern Munich review – Red Card kills off United

  1. Dont like saying this but this could be the best thing to happen to this united team, i know its really devastating but everybody on that pitch knows how good they can play together, i mean 2 goals in 7 mins, imagine that every game!
    If the players base them selves on that 1st half performance, not the loss and exit from the CL i think we can win everything next time round.
    Rafael, Gibson, Nani and the likes of Rooney in form are unstopable world beaters – no right winger could of stopped what rafael done last night.
    Fergy needs to buy a striker who has pace, Valencia, Nani and Rooney have pace but the only one who doesnt is Berbatov, he obviously doest work with this team, pace wise…

  2. I agree with you Rico .. The first half was unbelievable.. but we gave them a gift before the half time. Fergie needs to get a new striker who can fit into united system.. seems its Berba last season as SAF doesn’t trust him anymore …

  3. I know it feels like it Rico but we did not have a “loss and exit from the CL” last night. We still won the game 3-2 but I get your point. I suppose we could be talking about the legitimacy of the value given to away goals which is a matter that perhaps should be left for another day.

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