6 thoughts on “Man United signs Mexican Javier Hernandez

  1. this is good look at arsenal they are doing with young who usually do not feel the pressure since they are not yet tried and tested like the Villa and Benzema, they will having too much pressure and thats why Berbatov is struggling. i think its good to have young talent and build them look at how we managed to come up with Scholes, Giggs, Neville and Beckam

  2. I am Altaseb,26,Ethiopian,RED’s FAN, I am so interesting for the signing of
    CHICHARITO,Mexican stiker beside Rooney.
    However,I am suspicious of Man.utd’s future if Fergie is out.As far as i am conserned Sweety oldies( Giggs,Scholes,Neville)should be retired,and Berba to be Out.Thanks to Rooney and the trick of Nani What helped The Club to stay ahead, next to Chelsea.But the center is in trouble because of inconsistency of
    the Midfilders.So Silva or Mudric should be Signed.

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