5 thoughts on “Ferguson ponders the cost of world's best keeper

  1. So going on above Buffon is worth 30 million. And the suggestion is that we will offer Vidic and 20 million pounds? If Buffon is worth 30 million pound why would we make an offer worth about 50 million? Anyone who believes Vidic is only worth 10 million needs to find a new sport to watch as you clearly do not understand this one.

  2. That’s an understatement Danny, the Italian media can confuse things enormously. There’s a new report appearing today stating that “The Turin club badly wants to sign Manchester United centre back Nemanja Vidic and are willing to offer veteran keeper Gianluigi Buffon and £15m in cash to sign the Serbian international” Bettega had earlier said that the fee for Buffon was £30 million, yet within a couple of days Juventus are being reported as offering Buffon plus £15m cash making Vidic worth £45 million. Go figure! The kindest thing that can be said is that maybe something was lost in translation.

  3. after tax lol the new tax rate doesnt matter anyway all these footballers have companys set up so any earnings go into that and therefore a lower rate around 20%

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