2 thoughts on “Keano after 12 years and 479 games "Who Cares?"

  1. How do you feel gary neville? Hey fergie great mind games, that bird is still sitting pretty on her perch. As for bleeting on about conspiracy theories, now you know how the rest of the PL feel about all the refs helping you to so many titles. As always you will argue against that. Go ahead, just as everyone can argue Stevie just lost concetration. He also did the same against France. As for refs assisting you, just go and see how many PL managers who have complained about that.

  2. Still one game to go and we still have faith that we can win it…. since Bayern Munich defeat we started the building up for the next season… so even we don’t win it this season… we will do it next season!…. but what will your team will do next season?? they will win nothing….. AS USUAL!

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