8 thoughts on “Manchester Utd MUST return to “The Right Way”

  1. Next season will be very big for United, this year I believe they were over reliant on Rooney and the aging Giggs and Scholes, hopefully they will return to winning ways, but they will need a few good signings this summer in order to compete. City will no doubt spend very big, Chelsea will spend what they need to and Arsenal are overdue a good season, success on the pitch has muted the protests against the owners a little bit, but this could all change if results start to differ.

  2. REALLY! You claim our claim ain’t right, GUESS WHAT? Our club is the exact same as it was back then, we never know when to quit, utd never give in and we fight till the end. For you to bring up the babes in your attempts to vile fans against the owners and to boycott is nothing but DISGRACEFUL, you ain’t in it for the club but to hurt the club you claim to follow, which i find hard believe after reading your article. REAL FAN would renew, go to games and back utd till death and beyond REGARDLESS OF OWNERS.

  3. Im sure you back those MUST clown tho, a group hell bent on hurting utds cash flow, a group trying hurt our image with childish protest stunts which put off any new suitors, a group who makes money off all this and line their own pockets instead of donating it to the club or charity, MUST are just sheer media attentions seekers out to boast they ego- these people couldnt careless for our club and are hell bent on dividing the fans against it, all they want is the cash and power you get with it.

  4. MUST is so yesterday… they hated McManus et al… they hate the Glazers. Now What about the Glazers do they hate? The day of the 5,000 pound player is over, the day of the player for life is over. Labour is free to move anywhere they want. The club is run to make a profit, by doing so it will maintain its value. How many people in the world have the funds to purchase Man U, Barca, Real Madrid, NY Yankies. Man U is a business… it’s not run to please the recalcitrant and bitter whingers.

    They whine when MU don’t spend ridiculous amounts on average players, then whine when they do. They are divisive. I don’t see the value of the MU brand going down, if anything it is going up faster than any other sports brand in the world.

    My children and grandchildren make me constantly aware of how rapidly the world is changing, has changed and has gotten smaller… Oh dad, that is so yesterday…

    MUST is so yesterday…

  5. UTD TILL DEATH AND BEYOND, I will keep backing my boys, i will keep going the the games home and away, i will continue to travel europe with them…i will cheer them on though the good and the bad and forever and a day, i will stand united with united as our great side stays in perfect health and on the right path as we head into a fantastic tomorrow. Those who dont want to join us of this fantastic journey can weep as they will simply lose out.

  6. What a disgrace. How can you live with yourself misappropriating the Busby Babes and Munich to justify your own selfish and stupid position. Do you think any of the United family that you name would EVER do anything to harm the club? If you WERE a fan you would support the club, not use it to posture and preen yourself or to act as a mouthpiece for the idiots of MUST who are hell bent on damaging the club.

    I’m absolutely shocked and saddened about what has happened to the club I’ve supported for nearly 60 years. Let’s hope all these troublemakers from MUST do boycott and just go away and let fans support the club. We are supposed to be United fans but MUST’s plan is to break that Unity for their own gain. Disgusting.

  7. Trouble is boys, I very mush fear that if we don’t get rid of the ginger gimps you’ll be following your team into administration.

  8. These comments perfectly illustrate how the fans have been divided by the Glazers. Nothing disgraceful or disgusting about remembering the proud history of the club and those who made it great Luke. It’s beginning to appear that the further away from Old Trafford fans live, the less resistance there is to the owners.

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