4 thoughts on “Sir Alex is sure to knock some sense into Anderson

  1. I do not think that the fact that he was in Portugal at this time of the year is a problem. But his irresponsible behaviour certainly is. He should grow up and behave off an on the field. He still owes a lot to Man Utd supporters who adore him.

  2. i really think anderson should grow up and the way he handles himself should change for the better of himself and all man u supporters who keeps on adorin him. why would he want to ruin his life with beer and all the crazy things he was doin? it is reallly stupid to make an excuse out of beer, it is the sign of unreflectin person, not worthy to be called a human being. accidents happen in life but the way that leads to accidents need to be scrutinised. i really love anderson and would like him being the greatest at man u plus brazil together with Rafael and Fabio, if possible Rodrigo Possebon too. and Anderson should be the one driving his fellow Brazilians at Old TRAFFORD………GOD bless Anderson.

  3. Anderson would want to sort himself out. His form when he played last year was poor and he hasn’t produced since his early days at United. H eis clearly living the playboy lifestyle and I’m begging to lose faith in him after so much early promise. People like Cleverly will oust him if he continues in this vein. Fergie needs to whip this kid into shape

  4. Anderson is one of my favorite playera, but I don’t understand wtf he’s doing latley, hes a big talent and needs to prove him self
    I wish him a speedy recovery.

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