4 thoughts on “Watch Ipswich? No thanks, it's cheaper at United

  1. Section D is the premium seats for Ipswich in which there is loads of extras. Every other season tickets seats are 300-500.

  2. Don’t know if you are aware but most people choose which football team to support based on geographical location, mate. The cost of a Manchester United season ticket is of no more interest to the people of Ipswich than the idea of watching Ispwich Town is to a Mancunian.

  3. Man utd are one of those teams who’s majority of supporters don’t live or have never even been to Manchester.

  4. You are quite correct in all your comments guys.

    @Contrary Mary, Of course they do. The point being made is that the most expensive season ticket at a mid table Championship club is more expensive than at one of Europe’s leading ones…it just does not seem right.

    @Rob, Yes mate, just as clubs like Liverpool, Arsenal and hardly any other, United is a global brand that does not only belong to Manchester and even only to England but to the whole world. Something which every other club in the Premier League bitterly envies making the cost of Old Trafford season tickets very reasonable by comparison.

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