9 thoughts on “No Top 4 for United says this so called "Expert"

  1. Morgan is a self opinionated twat. He’s the guy that nobody chats to in the pub because they know he just talks shit 🙂

  2. how much money is this buffon ready to put where his mouth is ????????

    if you can get me an answer,you have my email. i am deadly serious,,any amount,,,,,,,,,

  3. Ol’ Miss Morgan never misses the opportunity to cement his position as a talentless dick smoking twat! His knowledge of football is on par with his knowledge of talent and of editing a proper newspaper. Fuck off Piers you’re a cunt

  4. Piers Morgan is really full of shit. I do find it hard to belive that this is his true opinion, but rather an attempt to provoke.
    The thing I find most strange, is that a man of his stature can write in such a shallow an childish way, refering to the “Rooney to ding rehab with Amy Whinehouse etc”
    It is not good humour, but everyone knows he makes a living by talking crap and doing his best to provoke.

    I`m just really glad he`s a bitter gooner and not a Manchester United fan. We dont need lowclass like Piers in our troops.

  5. Understand your anger and frustration steve and I agree with you BUT a little more moderate language will earn far more respect for United fans.

    @emmanuel micallef, spoken like a true Maltese United fan. Email Morgan via the Daily Mail, you may be lucky to get through to him.

    @bealsy, Impossible to add any more to your opinion mate, it’s 100% correct

  6. To hell with Morgan’s shallow and subjective analyses! United will scoop the EPL honors this season, and Rooney will do even better. He’s young and still improving his game. He’s got the courage, energy, humility and enthusiasm to better his game. Young players have another year under their belts- they’ve grown in confidence, strength, team philosophy and tactical reception. Chicharito is also out to make a good impact. Mail online should spare its “rubbish.” Nobody needs it!

  7. The guy a known Arsenal fan who hates everythink bout Utd, he jealous to death of us and remember ppl the dick said this crap last yr and yr b4 that. He known as a clueless smug arrogant prick in the media world and think very highly of himself, the guy is scared to death of ian hislop and jeremy clarkson who he accused of not writing his own articles b4 jeremy lamped him 3x’s. The guys opinion means shit as not only is he always dead wrong, but he a coward and openly hates everything Utd so will talk crap

  8. Plus the twat said it Saturday and correct if im wrong but didnt we destroy 1 of the so-call better teams 24hrs later with ease, Utd will always be challenging for the title and are the best equiped side to win it this year, we want our title back, twat feature morgan can crawl back under the rock he came from, ironic how he hates us yet likes writing bout us to earn pay packet isnt it, jealous bitterness comes to mind.

  9. The season not even started and people already writing us off, not the 1st time, in fact every season. Well, we are Manchester United, and we always prove them wrong. This is what special about this club. Bring it on

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