7 thoughts on “Dimitar on the way to erasing that 'Berbaflop' tag

  1. yes. I am a fan of Berbatov and hope this is his year as he deserves it, I really do hope we are finally going to see the real Dimitar Berbatov and can see him scoring 20 goals if he can keep his form. Berba haves all the talent in the world and now it’s time to show that he belongs at the biggest club in the world Manchester United. Wazza, Berba, Owen, Kiko and Chicharito is a great front line with the likes òf Giggs, Scholes, Nani, Valencia, Bèbè, Cleverley and the rest of the squad we can win the lot

  2. It don’t look like it…once again too casual and slow on the ball and should have had the simplest of hatricks. Yes he does provide something different and it’s clear he has class, but if he wants to improve on last years goals tally and really impress fans he needs to be banging in the goals, particularly if Rooney is not going to achieve last seasons feat.

  3. I have never felt this guy, i dont think he deserves to play for a club like Man Utd. He’s lazy, lacks desire, looks uninterested when we most need goals, does not take initiatives…and worst of all, he thinks he is done when he manages to score a goal. SAF shd get rid of him ASAP, we can do without him

  4. I think part of the problem with Berbatov was the weight of expectation that came with the stupid price tag. Ferguson allowed himself to be taken to the cleaners paying £31m. But that was two years ago and maybe we can forget the transfer fee now? As just one more striking option available to us Berbatov is a valuable player. But he’s not Rooney and he’s not the new Cantona.

  5. No Fergie did not allow himself to be taken to the cleaners, we made offers in region of 20-25m weeks before window shut but Spurs wouldnt talk then on last day they tried to disrespect Berba by accepting an offer from city who only wanted him because we did, but Fergie made sure that wasnt going to happen and Spurs finally grew up ad accepted an offer of 30.75m after we picked him up from the airport and bought him to the Theatre of Dreams for a medical, Berba only wanted to join us and did just that.

  6. We also gave them Frazier Campbell on loan for the season. so Berbatov was actually worth £30.75m and Campbell on loan, but atlèast we got him and after 2 seasons where its just not worked as planned I believe Berba is ready to final prove he belongs at the biggest club in the wòrld. with this lineup of world class superstars and highly promising kids I know we will challenge on all fronts and can win the lot. time to take back OUR Premier Lge title.

  7. this is totally of topic. if what I have just seen iz true than little average german boy Ozil is a clear money graber. 5 year contract at Real Madrid worth €5m a year and bonuses for success and appearances, that is €96k a week. so Real pay Werder Bremen €15m (£12.4m) and givès him a over inflated contract. bloody god thing we didnt want this over-rated mercenary, thank god Sir Alex Ferguson wasnt interested. Manchester United with our world class players and highly talented youth didnt need him.

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