2 thoughts on “Six things this old fart hates about modern football

  1. Just found a list that The Times did a while back, the top 50 things they hate most about modern football:


    Glad to see my pet hate, tatoos, get in there at number 15.

    But here’s my favourite article:


    “Whether to get something inked on to your left shoulder commemorating the victims of famine in Cyrillic, a Celtic tribute to Marcus Garvey plus a quotation from Bob Marley, or simply the extemporised wedding vows from your third marriage is a question that disturbs many players when they really should be concentrating on passing the ball to a team-mate. The need to balance coolness and machismo with some vague stab at demonstrating a political or social conscience via the medium of body art may well have been partly responsible for many of Rio Ferdinand’s persistent injuries.”

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