8 thoughts on “United fans can relax – THIS will never happen

  1. Baldrick No, the Latics do not want him!

    Actually the worst move for Rooney would be to City. He would not be forgiven by United and would face constant criticism both whilst playing and when shopping etc.

    So, if City did offer a kings ransom for him I do think they would sell to them. Remember this would not be Ferguson’s call but the owners! and I do not think they would give a toss what Ferguson said when it came down to getting a royal pay day!

    I do hope, should Rooney play for United again, that the true United fans give him hell.

  2. @Albert – I’m a Chaddy Grammar old boy ;o)
    @Rob – Got to agree there. Besides, we only play them twice a year. I’m sure they could send him to Abu Dhabi each time to spare him his life ;o)

  3. So if City offered 100 million tomorrow you think the Glazers would say no? We have to be real with this. We are at their mercy financially. I hate to admit it but if United get a big enough offer he will be gone. It’s naive to think otherwise in the current climate

  4. You just can’t see it happening. the Tevez case was completely different, and the only way is if City turned up with a barrow load of cash.

  5. you thick northern shite. why would City offer £100m for someone as overrated and poor as Rooney. you just some up how shit yours fans are.

  6. Interesting comment Sean even though it’s a little dumb. The only time that £100m was raised it was by rob b and he was only using that figure as an exaggerated example. Common sense mate.

  7. Sean: “you just some up how shit yours fans are”
    Who is thick?
    SUM up
    YOUR fans
    Thick southern jessie!

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