10 thoughts on “Rooney may have been critical in the Tevez saga

  1. You Reds are pathetic. The great Sir Alex outsmarted Rooney, his agents, Tevez, his agents, and Man City in one fell swoop.

    And Hitler is living on some island in the Pacific with Elvis, Princess Di and 2Pac.

  2. Rooney had United’s pants down for one reason – money.

    Tevez’ situation at City doesn’t appear to be money-orientated.

    Very, very different.

  3. no chance shitty r welcome to the money grabbing moaning pampered git glad 2 be rid of him + spark as 4 tevez’s cry baby anticts not being about money ask yourselfs y else then? uve invested in top players u look in good stead for a champions league place possibly more (doubtful but still possible) so it has 2 be he dont like mancini yet tevez said he has no problem with him its others in the club yet not the chairmen then who? smells fishy 2 me he’s a typical argie top class footballer yes but a pain in the arse and more trouble than hes worth with no loyaltys 2wards any club as he thinks hes bigger than football its self and can take as many libertys as he wants i hope u do sue him most of these modern day footballers could do with a reality check there actions are ruining the beautiful game

  4. As a blue an interesting veiw who knows what has gone on i just know that who ever you support the fans who are the lifeblood of the game are having the piss taken out of them again.The new fair play rules are coning in and i just hope all clubs tell the gready gets to piss off with their wage demands.

  5. at the end of they this time friday nite tevez will sign a new contract with city jiust like wayne rooney he is only after more money and he will get it

  6. One word to describe a United fan after 1980 ‘Tumor’

    City never contacted any representative of Rooney and the story was fabricated to push United into accepting Rooney’s demands.


  7. From Football365’s mediawatch:


    “Sacrificial Lamb
    Carlos Tevez, December 7: “I’m happy here. I really am. I do miss my family, just like anyone would when they are not around. But I don’t see retirement happening for a long time to come. A sacrifice has to be made when you make a commitment like I have done with City and it is something I am going to see through. Once that job is done I will have plenty of time with my kids.”

    Carlos Tevez, December 12: “I wanted to leave in the summer, but was convinced to return to the club. Sadly, my feelings have not changed.”

    A Brief History Of Carlos Tevez
    The boy’s got form…

    Boca Juniors (2001-2004)
    Tevez forces his way out of the club claiming that the press intrusion in Argentina is too much for him and his family and the club aren’t doing enough to support him. Public bust-up with manager also ensues.

    Claims he loves the club and supporters, and always will.

    Time at club: Two-and-a-half seasons.

    Corinthians (2005-2006)
    Tevez forces his way out of the club, going on strike, after arguments – some physical – with teammates, the head coach and the club president.

    Claims he loves the club and supporters, and always will.

    Time at club: One season.

    West Ham (2006-2007)
    Tevez almost immediately falls out with the manager and players. Storms off and threatens to go on strike after being substituted. Goes AWOL to Argentina at one point.

    Claims he loves the club and supporters, and always will.

    Time at club: One season.

    Manchester United (2007-2009)
    Tevez complains of being fatigued and overplayed in his first season. In his second, he complains of being underplayed – drama queening it every time he’s taken off – managing just five goals, despite playing more minutes than the league’s third top scorer Fernando Torres. Parting shot of “I’ll scream in Ferguson’s face when I score against them”.

    Claims he loves the club and supporters, and always will.

    Time at club: Two seasons.

    Manchester City (2009-????)
    Tevez is tired, homesick, wants to retire, takes time off to see his daughter and is caught on camera spending that time allegedly banging his mistress (the actually banging remains unphotographed), feels there’s too much greed in football despite being the highest-paid player in Britain, hates football in general yet throws a wobbly every time he’s taken off, wants his old life back, hates the club executives, claims that he would like to punch his young teammates and finally hands in a transfer request.

    Claims he loves the club and supporters, and always will.

    Time at club: One-and-a-half seasons so far, some of it begrudgingly.

    Who would sign him now?”

  8. Interesting theory Frank… at first I scoffed and thought what a load of rubbish but when you start to think it thru that scenario does answer a lot of questions…

    Possibly for me the biggest pointer to this was Noel Gallagher’s comments just before the World Cup (after having lunch with Garry Cook); “Players coming and going, and where they are going to and where they are coming from, the transfer dealings will blow your mind” to me this can only point to United’s involvement at some stage (I thought it at the time)

  9. @ Bluefen, just a little story mate. Do you remember Christian Vieri the Italian international who played for so many clubs? Juventus, Athletico Madrid, Inter Milan, Monaco, Fiorentina, Pisa, Lazio, Torino and goodness knows who else. I got to know him when he was growing up in Sydney where his dad was playing for a number of years.

    I asked him on one of his visits to Australia why he changes clubs nearly every year. His brutally honest answer was “That’s the way you make money, big money”

    Now that was in the mid 90’s, ask yourself what it must be like today with all the shady, greedy agents virtually running players lives? Is there anything else that needs to be said?

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