10 thoughts on “FLASHBACK: The City imbecile of the year

  1. Personally i dont feel sorry for this Guy.I do fear for my safety though, these sort of people are out there and you might bump into them.Its fucking scary.
    I blame it all on Government cut backs and care in the community.
    Neither of them Rooney Or Tevez will ever be a success.Its shirt sales i tell yeah! 🙂

  2. more education please.. governor .. don’t cut in that area .. see.. some people can’t see further than their nose.. he is the living proof!!!

  3. Comments are taken in context. I cant understand Spanish nor Italian, I am fluent in French though.Plus can add a bit of Gaelic to throw everybody! 🙂
    Balotelli is a broken soul he fights with everyone not least his biological parents. There is a pattern ! A fucking nutcase!
    I like that in a Man City player.No together ness team spirit or belong at a great “club”
    You keep buying we keep laughing, Lescott, Milner, Jo,Robhino, Barry,Bridge Bianchi, Given, Boateng,Bridge.
    The oil will run out eventually.Or the patience to deliver. Good to see the “Stockport” got behind there Club against the Toffes, shout them on to win.
    Fucking vanished to dissapear to 10 Minutes from the Drama that is called Eastenders>

  4. Pretty tough really, they where all begging for Rooney to join them aldo they now deny it, this guy is pathetic, like the one with the Kaka tattoo and the ulitmate deluded retard with the Champions League tattoo as Man Skinty will never buy a Champions Lge title nomatter how much their owner spends. The way I see it, the whole lot gets the awards, the club and fans for being the most deluded hypocritical bitter bunch your’ll ever see.

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