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  1. I do not believe that there’s anything wrong with reading a rivals website. As you mentioned above abot the blog the empire of the kop, I personally feel that it’s really interesting reading the load of rubbish these Liverpool fans can come up with. Really you should go take a look. The blog’s hilarious.
    So I don’t think it’s wrong to go to rival websites just to have a laugh

  2. trouble is , even Gary Neville said it, He respects Liverpool for the traditions and what have you, but Chelsea, and citeh have ruined the league. THe quality has droppednin my view. A lot of the scousers I know despise it’d, but respect us, and it is the same for a lot of us. BUt the chavs are a different breed.

  3. As a fan of the club i really think all clubs including our own come up with tripe this site is no different, as is this article.

  4. I used to read them in the belief it would shed some added thought on matches etc . I was swiftly pulled up . So, now i worry and read about us (united) alone and let the rest get on with it . I think i should of realised by the standards of our so called press that when it comes to objectivity ,its never going to happen .
    There must be some excellent blogs out there but the readers comments blow them apart .

  5. Your opinions are respected Giggsy but I intend to continue highlighting some of the worst garbage written about United on rival websites – simply because our fans have a right to know.

  6. The media hates ManUtd so I dont know what the media darlings Liiverpool fans come up with the idea that the love us, we’re the most hated club in football when it comes to other clubs fans and the press hates us just as much so the kop needs to grow up. We cant help being the biggest most famous and best supported club in football, we just have to live with the knowledge that we are the best and they are nothing, love it.

  7. Cheers for the link Frank that was a brilliant read. Haven’t laughed so much in ages 🙂

  8. its because of the statue of what fergie has created at man utd over the years, but anyways lets all laugh at the torres situation

  9. If they’re not smashing up toilets in our stadium, defacing our walls & statues with their filth or throwing their own shit in plastic cups at our fans they’re talking utter & complete bile on their own websites. Did anyone see that footage of their “respected” Spirit of Shankley group when they were clearly seen & heard singing disgusting Munich songs? Seriously now, would that happen at a United equivalent? NO. Ok, not all their fans would involve themselves in such depths but their hatred for us even in the few fair minded fans they have is only rivalled by that little Arab-pimped outfit who reside in the murky darkness of our enormous shadow who are currently claiming some form of “triumph” due to the fact that “they” (well more like the Arabs who are actually donating it) have lots of money & we’re in debt???? Basically soulless fools.

    I do a job that involves meeting the public on appointments all over the North West & I’ve had numerous one’s down The Robbers Highway in Merkydive & although most I’ve met have been Everton fans,of the one’s who support Scumpool some have been what you would describe as “decent” people – professionals, teachers & the like. Believe me, even they hate us with a vengeance, they just show a bit less obviously.

    The difference I believe is this. “Empires” as they so ridiculously claim are hated because of their size & strength & neighbouring rivals will use any tiny thing they can to get something over their all conquering all powerful neighbours. When I was 1st going to Old Trafford was right in the middle of their period of dominance. We hated them then just as much as we do now but the difference is we never claimed our team were as good as theirs like they have been trying to do over the last 20 years. We knew we were a better club & we hoped that someone would come & put us back where we belong but it didn’t happen. The thing they hated & so did their adoring media who loved nothing more thanthe sight of the Scandinavian, Welsh, Irish & whatever else “scousers” & “best fans in the world” singing their signature tune on the Kop. But what they NEVER mentioned was the fact that a Division 2 team 35 miles down the road were still bringing in bigger crowds than them.

    It goes deeper than just football. It’s 2 city’s next door to each other who have been rivals in industry & there is bitterness about their perceived “unfair” investment from governments in the past. Whatever they claim or rant about the fact is that Manchester is a far bigger, far more important city than their little town & Manchester’s own UNITED is not only far bigger than their team who had a time many many years ago but they are THE biggest footballing Empire on the globe.

  10. I don’t particularly read rivals websites, although I debate with numerous scousers on the comments section of The Times. But every club has its dickhead fans, and they tend to be the younger, much poorly educated ones. I say tend to, it can still cross the age and class boundaries of course.

    I am always interested though in hearing what fans of other clubs have to say, what their take on a situation is, and with the advent of Twitter it’s possible to see what the likes of Paul Tomkins and Tony Barrett (of The Times), the more educated and rational Liverpool fans, have to say.

    But to say the media are biased in favour of United is a joke. Due to the age that most football writers tend to be (40s and 50s), they grew up in an era when Liverpool dominated. I read an article not too long ago from a writer at The Times saying that he still finds it strange that Liverpool aren’t winning anything, and that something inside him feels it should turn back to “normal” soon and Liverpool will be on top again! Obviously to someone who, in living memory, has never seen Liverpool win the league, this is quite strange, but I can see where he’s coming from.

    But unfortunately some stereotypes of some groups of fans are true, no smoke without fire I suppose. Liverpool fans seem to have a tendency to have a sort of “campaign” about anything really, any criticism of their club or their fans brings about a venomous response that is relentless in its attack on innocent, well-meaning individuals.

    The embarrassing video on youtube where scouse ‘celebrities’ are saying their piece about Hicks and Gillet, the Pity City tag due to their over-sentimantlity and willingness to mourn about someone elses misery (see the recent banner at Anfield recently about the anniversary of the Ibrox disaster, which has nothing to do with Liverpool), the disgusting assault on Guillem Balague (a Liverpool fan) on Twitter yesterday due to the Torres rumours, to me it’s all born out of a guilty conscience. And take this gem from football365:

    “Keen readers of The Daily Mail (and we can only assume that you all are) may have spotted an ‘apology’ by Martin Samuel in his column on Monday – written in deliciously patronising and sarcastic fashion – after he made a passing reference to the Spirit of Shankly group last week.

    It seems that the piece irked some Liverpool fans, which is surprising given their famous sense of humour and tolerance for views opposite to their own. Indeed, after some well-placed pressure from some Scouse internet types (‘Hound the fat f**k’ mused one on a Liverpool forum), the offending piece was removed from The Mail’s website.

    So here, presented without comment, is the item in question, from The Daily Mail on January 5. See if you think it was worth the rabid complaints and – if Samuel is to be believed – the calling in of lawyers.

    ‘There will be 7,000 Liverpool fans making the trip to Blackburn Rovers tonight. The club still commands fantastic away support, but increasingly its various factions are walking alone. A further legacy of the era of Rafael Benitez, Tom Hicks and George Gillett is divided loyalty.

    ‘One club executive, a Liverpool man through and through, told me this week that his greatest fear is of the civil war once played out in the boardroom shifting its location to the Kop, with outspoken groups increasingly divided on the way forward.

    ‘One theory is that the mocking ‘Hodgson for England’ chants which could be heard during the defeat against Wolves originated in the part of the ground occupied by the Spirit of Shankly pressure group, and the commotion that followed was in part dissenting voices offering support for the manager. This may be wishful thinking as Hodgson is running out of allies fast.

    ‘It would be logical, however, that even on a night of great disappointment, Anfield would not be unanimous in its views. Support for Benitez was far from universal, no matter how history is being rewritten.

    ‘The legacy of that tumultuous time is a fan base that has been encouraged to think the hated previous owners were removed by a grass roots uprising, not the hard-nosed practicality of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

    ‘This makes for a lot of noise, but not all of it helpful and certainly not of one voice.'”

  11. @ninga
    thanks for the link

    Only read the first paragraph and wondered straight away did he watch the Liverpool Chelsea game at the end of last season . That told me and the less blinded Scouse fans what their club had sunk to !

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