3 thoughts on “'Forget Sky Nev, your future's at United' Ferguson

  1. Who the fuck cares, he is Red Nev. I am Scottish i can dae thon job, tak a bow mae son.Fuck is that it? Geez a fucking job, I wan mair than a hunner an 50 squids per week.I want to move on fae cheap Cider and mibbes Wine.Wan can dream?
    I think I WID be good on Sky, I mak a total fuck up, most of the time, As for multi tasking, that means, I fuck up several things at once.
    Plus I dont care if, you are a Tit, lets see yer Nipples, save the microphones doon , yer pants.Rub and doon on this Member.
    Am awa tae pit in ma fucking application form.
    Dear Rupert, or wotever yer name is.
    My name is Ian.
    I am as mad as brush, love Manchester United.
    I am real cool, drunk, 24/7 and type with a passion that does not come across to most people.
    I read about all things United, I am very biased, not Unlike Gray, before me.wolves, Villa, the Toffe’s, even the Teddy bears. My limit of knowledge knows no bounds.
    I dont care for “Sexism” its not on ma agenda, “Just drop em” save any foreplay and small talk.
    I think that covers most bases.
    Kind Retards .
    Hope ma application meets with yer approval.

  2. Are you on your 20th pint now mate? Maybe more? Why don’t you get some sleep, I guarantee you will feel good when you wake up -:)

  3. I never sleep Boss.I always read and joke and have fun. Dont you think i could get the Job on Sky, I have the accumen? lol.
    Anything to get out of this poverty trap?.
    I am still multi lingual, Scottish and havering, made for Sky dinnae ye think boss?
    I will leave yous, enjoy yer night, lads over and out, but never dead.

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