19 thoughts on “Torres move may open the United door for Reina

  1. Yes Diablo, stranger things have happened – like Liverpool selling Torres to their hated Chelsea rivals

  2. You Manc idiots are even more stupid than I thought if you think you’ll prize Pepe away from the Biggest and best supported club in the world. What a bunch of muppets you and your players are!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  3. I’m sorry, I don’t think a legit comparison can be drawn.

    Utd and Chelsea are two very different propositions. One of them is our old bitter rival, and the other just likes to think they are.

    Frank, we don’t hate Chelsea.

  4. It has never been that unfounded for liars in small OT to think that way. Selling Torres doesnot mean Reina can be sold. We are actuallycoming for rooney soon if you dont mind your loose heads for wanting Reina.

  5. Not sure about that Red2death. There have been many comments from Liverpool fans over the years which proves that they hate EVERYONE!

  6. Would the Dirties really sell one of their best assets to us? well yes if we pay 20mill,if Dogleash wants to sell we will take him off their slimy mitts,I cant see it though its their No1 Enemy getting one of their own, I just cant see it, but stranger things have happened.

  7. Frank, which years would those be? Not sure Chelsea would have come before the mid-90s.

    We do have big rivalries. Two of them – Everton and Man Utd. Other teams just come and go. QPR, Crystal Palace, Leeds, Nottingham Forest… remember those? Well now it’s Chelsea.

  8. Correct mate, the hate started with the Mourinho years and has grown with the advent of fan groups and football blogs on the net.

  9. The Torres transfer saga was hyped up because of what he was worth to Liverpool. Benayoun made the same switch but it didnt make any sort of headlines. Don’t think it’ll open any gates for the move to happen or in fact any direct switches between the two clubs.

  10. Ok. That would be a totally different scale then. For Everton, it’s been since our founding in 1892. Now that’s a rivalry!

    As for Utd, it’s also gone on for many decades, dating back to the 60s. And for the cities of Liverpool and Manchester it extends beyond football.

    Comments about Chelsea since Mourinho in 2004? That’s not a rivalry… that’s a brush-in with a fellow kid in the sandbox.

  11. Get a grip you fools. Sell one of our prized assets to the mancs? Yes we hate chelsea but selling to united would be absolute treason. The only way would be if you paid £30 million or so and I can’t see that happening seen as your up to your eyeballs in debt.

  12. @Jack and Football Formation, Reina has a £20 million get out clause written in his contract. There are no ifs and buts about it. Besides, does any club want to keep anyone who is determined to get away? Dalglish is experienced enough to understand that.

  13. @Frank- I can’t see man u forking out £20 million either with their debts. If he has to be sold then let it be arsenal or he can go abroad.

  14. Somehow I think Reina would be valued at more than 20mil. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and has a very long contract at Liverpool.

  15. Let’s be sensible about this Jack, £20 million is absolutely nothing for United if, and I emphasise ONLY IF, Sir Alex deems it to be money well spent.

  16. If Reina does leave liverpool for utd then loyalty is a big question. The fact this may just be a rouse to get a better contract is more likely. His attitude at the moment is towards this as he has only said Man Utd are a good side and he would like to win trophies, he may yet go to Barca! If Liverpool are going to sell, then they will make sure the likes of Barca and Madrid and anyone else who will push the price up are involved, and they will be doing there homework now. The problem at the moment is Man Utd have the same ownership crisis as liverpool. A family continually skimming off the top taking out dividends and slowly letting the club get further and further into debt, which ultimately raises the intrest payments needed and reduce outlay on players. The fact that hicks and gillet used the model what the glazers did to buy liverpool offers a stark warning to Utd fans of what owners will do if there investment becomes threatened. Reina has already been apart of this situation at liverpool, does he want to maybe go through this again?? This situation would get further complicated if Alex Ferguson left as Man Utd would need to outlay funds for a new manager as he would want his own team. This fact may also have an impact on current players and future transfers as this situation has already reared its head with Rooney!! The fact that Alex Ferguson is at the club is what is holding it together and Signals that he is staying, then man utd will probably sign reina and some other good players. However the big question is, if Utd’s ownership does not change hands and a manager comes in who does not come up to Ferguson’s expectations, Utd could find themselves in liverpool’s situation post 1990. This would be a worse situation as the owners and club would be massively in debt! Is’nt it Ironic for two clubs who dislike each other they seem to follow each others paths!

  17. “Trueredthanyouthink Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 9:07 PM
    It has never been that unfounded for liars in small OT to think that way. Selling Torres doesnot mean Reina can be sold. We are actuallycoming for rooney soon if you dont mind your loose heads for wanting Reina. Trueredthanyouthink”

    And there we go lads in one post summed up the delusion of the Liverpool fan. If OT is small what does that make the much smaller Anfield? And im not even going to adress the Rooney bit as you’re clearly p*ssed 🙂

  18. Off the topic – them Scum bastards at City’s forum Bluemoon have put a post on there about “Painting Busby’s Statue Blue” and covering it up by saying it’s a tribute to him as he played for them. We all know Sir Matt was unfortunate enough to play for the dirty scum fuckers however surely there is something out there that can stop vile like this being published?! I’m all for banter but publicly mocking a dead man?! The comments on there are unbelievable! One dickhead has written “Oh, someone beat me to it then?!” Surely the moderators should stop this?! Just when I thought that vile “club” couldn’t stoop any lower they condone this? They are making out this is a tribute so lets put it into perspective shall we? Saturday – 15 minutes before kick-off – bitter scum bag climbing up a ladder – marches over to Sir Matt’s Statue – tin of Delux sky blue paint in his hand – starts painting away – finishes the job in front of thousands of reds heading into the ground – what are they expecting to happen?! A fucking round of applause because he used to play for that scum?! How they can get away with publishing vile like that is beyond me!!!! Someone please elaborate… is there anything out there that protects the deceased and their families against vile like this? I wouldn’t mind but I’m sure that site is officially affiliated to that “club”

  19. @petemanc=city…it’s better we ignore them…they are a bunch of morons with an inferiority complex…they’ll do anything to get the better of us…pump a lot of cash…play negative football(just like they played against us at the eastlands so they can garner a point coz they always knew that getting 3 points was impossible)…and now painting sir matt’s statue blue…the people at blue moon are the same…sir matt never did anything exceptional for them as a player…if any city fan comes to paint the statue…then i guess it will be his worst mistake…
    anyway…on the topic…i don’t care if reina comes or not…to be honest i’m happy with kuzchak…he has never done anything wrong…he has always performed well…even when vds was injured i was happy with his work…have u guys ever seen him making errors games after games or him being nervous?…well i haven’t he should become a full time gk next season for us…sir alex should keep him…he’s valuable and very very talented….

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