3 thoughts on “Media Watch: Who's being linked with United

  1. None.


    1. Because we have no money, despite what Mr Gill will have us believe.

    2. Because our recent track record suggests that SAF keeps his “acquisition targets” cards close to his chest until the player actually signs.

    3. Because SAF will probably and rightly want to give some of the promising players from our academy a crack at the big league. We may as well as most of our first team roster lack a real love for the club and what it means to be a Manchester United player. Very dark days are ahead of us if we continue to rely on “it’s all about me” players like Nani and other utterly mediocre and passionless ones like Carrick and Gibson.

  2. Not convinced that ‘we have no money’ Pete K, I think it’s more a case of Gill, Ferguson and the Glaziers not wanting to spend it.

  3. I think it will require some good money to get bale. Spurs won’t be looking to sell him. He is their star man!!!…But he’ll be a “perfect” replacement for Ryan giggs….OOPS!!!…I FORGOT….RYAN GIGGS “CANNOT” BE REPLACED!!!…IT’S JUST IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE TO BRING SOMEONE AS GOOD AS HIM!!
    I’m a big fan of Rodwell. Young and speedy with a good vision. Bring him to United and he’ll get even better.!!!
    How about Reina??…:D….a perfect summer signing if u ask me.!!
    Lloris’ form have taken a dip but Neuer is someone i’m looking forward to!!…Last night he was quite good against Valencia!!!
    But i still believe in our Tomasz Miros?aw Kuszczak ….he’s awesome!!…I dunno y SAF is not looking forward to making him our first choice goal keeper next season!!…He had always give his 100% and making him our first choice goal keeper will help us to save some good cash from which we can buy some other player…maybe rodwell or bale or anyone…He is one of the most under-rated footballers in England due to some odd reason!!!

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