14 thoughts on “Sir Alex warns rivals 'United will NEVER surrender'

    He’s correct. You can’t say that United are “gone” just on the basis of 3 away defeats in last 5 games in the league. Every team suffers. Every team face disastrous results. But like i said before, these things happen in football. Our next 9 matches in the league are all important. All of them if u ask me. We Have to garner at least 20-21 points from them including a good result against Arsenal at the emirates. I’m sure that we’ll bring Chelsea crashing down at Old trafford. But the game on May 1st is very important. The result against Arsenal will decide everything.
    But before that, it’s time to answer the critics by beating arsenal this weekend. Though i won’t mind losing as it will RESULT in arsenal progressing through and further fixture congestion for them.:D
    But that’s not what i want. BPL is my first priority but i want United to do well in ucl and fa cup as well.!!

  2. Manchester United will never surrender, will never give up, will never stay down, will never be beat, that is why United are Champions, that is why Manchester United are the best. Sir Alex Ferguson knows what he is doing and the ABU press, anti-United FA and ‘rivals’ simply can not handle it, Fergie is sticking 2 fingers up at the scum and letting everyone know that Manchester United does what they want. Now to win a 19th League title, history is there for the making and we will make it. Fergie is GOD.

  3. This post is done in phonetics. 😀
    Look ma bonnie lads and lassies, I havena let yous doon so far.Have Ahhh.
    I am no gonna start the noooo.I have wirkerd ma fooking baz aff fer Manchester United and thats noooo gonnaa stop fer nae Bast…!
    I wull geee yeah awhhh, a wee example,I teen ma team fae Eberdeen, tae Glesga fer the furst time fer a cup final against eannn Oh the Ugly sisters.Ma Eberdeen team got blootered thon day,I wiz blawn awa.
    I got bak on thon bus, and said tae, ma Eberdeen fitbae players, thon fuc.ing hurts like crazy.We winna dae thon again lads,mae players effing agreed with me.
    Thon next final wez went tae in Glesga, guess wit happened.Eberdeen won,cos ye ken why.I iz a born winner.I effing hate it, if i get beaten.
    He carries United forward.Its in his “dna”. 😉

  4. Mate if your comment was on television it will need to have sub titles! You may even need to provide them here!

  5. Ha Ha .What i was saying in Scottish.He took his Aberdeen team to Glasgow for their first cup final,they got handsomely beaten.I think from memory from reading, it was Celtic.He got back on the coach for the return journey to Aberdeen, he said to the Aberdeen players, this fuc. ing hurts like crazy, the Aberdeen players also felt the hurt.
    The next occasion they went to Glasgow for a cup final.Aberdeen won.
    What i was implying, no stating he Sir Alex is a born winner.
    He installs that in his players, were ever he has been.Its in his “dna”.
    United players will be feeling the hurt and will rise to the hurdles that are presented to them in the future or they would not be Manchester United players.
    Sir Alex, wants winners around him naturally.He has as you know Boss, always built his side around big figures.like he did at Aberdeen.
    I hope that displays clarity.It was just me putting a wee twist on the article.:D
    In a Scottish tongue.I guess it was a fail.

  6. manutd is still d best but we need a player in like of schnitigar or sneider to hold our mid field..nani’s injury sucks

  7. @Bazim Williams, you are right mate, the influential German would be magnificent, I think Bayern have tied him up to a five year contract though.The Dutch player you mention would be superb, he is what United need.
    I think, I dont know about you, did United miss a trick, bye not signing Rafael vav der Vaart?
    Good to see the Spuds eliminate the “Old Lady” Tonight.

  8. The “Old Lady?” you must mean the “Dirty Old Man” Silvio Berlusconi mate, he’s the one who owns AC Milan. The “Old Lady” is Juventus.

  9. @ FRANK thanks for that, you know I post cryptic 😀
    Anyways I think I have caused a few problems around the net today and tonight.
    Always happy and reading. lol
    I will say, my love is Manchester United. Full stop.
    I have a craving to learn.
    Bonnuit Reds
    Away to my sack.

  10. Come on Frank pull your finger oot of yer Bahookie fella, Im English and I could have translated that fer yoos yer gret big Barm that you are 🙂 Scottish relatives and a steady diet of Rab C Nesbitt growing up helps of course 🙂
    Marching on for number 19!!!!!!

  11. OK Danny, I’ll admit my ignorance. What the hell is a Bahookie? and a Barm? and Rab C Nesbitt? But I do understand number 19 mate.

  12. A Bahookie is your kyhber Pass (ass), Barm (plonker) and Rab c Nesbitt a fictional Glaswegian character played by Gregor Fisher. Greasy curly hair with a head band on and a newspaer in his hand, liked a drink a wee bit. 🙂 I must also add that I dont for one minute think you actually have your finger in your rear or are a great big Pillock just for the record mate 🙂 Simply showing off about being bi-lingual ish 🙂

  13. Well done Danny, VERY impressed. I happen to be bi-lingual as well! I can speak Australian, American, Canadian, New Zealand and a few others. But I still need sub titles with some Scottish!

  14. @Danny Salford.Cheers mate you got it.It was just a bit of fun. 😀
    Must go and get some work done.Wid it no be boring if we all posted the same,septic things about United.;)

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