40 thoughts on “Nani MUST get his own justice with Carragher

  1. what a truly hateful lot you are.
    I would be very careful in printing accusations that carragher meant this as they are libellous and quite clearly defamatory.
    I seriously cannot wait until the next time scholes leaves a boot in to see the opposition fans vilify him in the same way you have carragher.
    As for the commment about rooney. for fucks sake, on what planet does an unprovoked elbow to the head become less of an offence than a mis-timed tackle? you lot really do live on another planet and are consistent with your petulant and childish attitude of your club and manager.

  2. Brendan you know as well as I do that Carragher has been long enough in the game to know EXACTLY what he was doing.

  3. @spsdjone really dude, a mistimed tackle at almost knee height…. nd wat about tackle on rafael who taught liverpudians to go for ball wid studs at thigh. nd d offence rooney did was off d ball nd it may hav hurt d oder playr but wodnt hav had finisd his career.

  4. Look at the photgraph at no time is that scouse git looking at the ball. His foot is so far over the top. Sorry I am convinced it was intentional as Nani had switched wings and he knew he was in for torrid time. Nani was our best hope of getting us back into the game. As for the underhand hair pulling by horse tooth suarez, let alone the studs down Rafaels leg. Mind you for the scousers this is their cup final let them enjoy. They beat us with most of our best defenders out….let me think now what are they in with a chance of winning after beating us…league cup…FA Cup…Champions league…EPL…certainly not the Europa league …Shitty have their eye on that…so all in all this is their Cup Final. If was not for a dodgy penalty we would have beaten them by the same scorleine at OT. But this is their cup final…happily lose to them everywhere if it means we are winning trophies rather than 1 match…

  5. @spsdjone really dude, a mistimed tackle at almost knee height…. nd wat about tackle on rafael who taught liverpudians to go for ball wid studs at thigh. nd d offence rooney did was off d ball nd it may hav hurt d oder playr but wodnt hav had finisd his career.

    the cut on nani’s knee was half way up his shin, not just below the knee. watch the replay again and watch the ball sit up. carragher was just too late and already committed to the tackle.
    As for rafael, please explain how he got away with a two footed lunge in lucas when he was completely off the ground?
    as for the rooney comment, if it was off the ball then there is even less of an excuse. if his elbow had connected with the lads temple he could not only have finished his career but could have KILLED him. it is assault and nothing less

  6. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic! From a team that has Scholes, Rooney and Rafael routinely assaulting people. From a team whose ex-captain purposely ended a fellow footballer’s career. So, Nani goes after Carra, Lucas goes after Rafael, Wigan go after Rooney… really… is that what you want to see?

    Use some common sense lad!

  7. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    The fact that you brush off Wayne Rooneys elbow at Wigan, just a week earlier (which was shown exactly the same treatment by the FA board) show’s you’re a biased, bitter little man. That was an elbow to the back/side of the head and if it’d made contact with the Wigan players ear, might have deafened him permanently. Childs play, you say? I say you’re an idiot pal.

    Alright Carra’s tackle was horribly over the top and deserved a red card but to state that Nani MUST take revenge on another player (Ala Roy Keane) is disgraceful.

    I bet you weren’t up in arms when Keane almost ended Håland’s career in the Manchester derby.

  8. No Alex, it is NOT what I want to see BUT if the authorities cannot or refuse to mete out justice, the game will descend into exactly what you are suggesting

  9. Wrong Brendan C, I always felt that Roy Keane’s action that day was unforgivable

  10. No Alex, it is NOT what I want to see BUT if the authorities cannot or refuse to mete out justice, the game will descend into exactly what you are suggesting

    Funny how you can create such a disgusting article and claim that the authorities need to dish out justice when there are very recent incidents where YOUR players have escaped such action. do you condone the actions of your players?
    As we have showed, your manager is all too happy to back a player who openly went out to end a players career, but when a few decisions go against your club, you turn into bitter little children, create a media blackout and your “fans” create bile ridden crap like this!

  11. A miss timed tackle, an inch long cut on his leg.

    That’s it.

    Get a grip you bunch of girls! You lot are crying more than that cheating, diving girly girl of yours! You should be embarrassed.

  12. spsdjone, please understand that “where YOUR players have escaped such action” is not condoned. What’s your alternative, is it for authorities not to “mete out justice” equally and to everyone?

  13. yes retrospective justice should be used, but articles like this are asking for revenge to be taken when there is NO evidence that carragher meant to harm nani.
    Carragher is not a cultured footballer but he is committed! he has made a career out of giving nothing less than 100% when less talented players have not had half as good a career. to question his integrity and to go a step further and request some hate filled revenge is beyond the pale.
    If your club REALLY want justice to be taken in ALL instances then they should start by taking a balanced view of every decision. condoning acts of pure thuggery such as keane and rooney’s elbow as merely “coming together” incidents only serves to make your cries of foul play look even more laughable. if ferguson acted with more humility then you may get more sympathy from fellow football fans

  14. hey lads its a mans game its the prem physical football. Nani is more pissed over the pass back than the cut on his leg lets face it! sure could it have been worse yes but it wasn’t, its what is not what could have been. Cisse snapped his leg in two twice and never made that much fuss!! its a big game full of reactions and emotions for both sets of players shit happens move on- walk on- hop on whatever

  15. A miss timed tackle eh Nanifani? Have another look at the photo, contact was made just below the knee. Are you seriously saying that with all his experience, Carragher did not know PRECISELY what he was doing? Get real.

  16. A miss timed tackle eh Nanifani? Have another look at the photo, contact was made just below the knee. Are you seriously saying that with all his experience, Carragher did not know PRECISELY what he was doing? Get real.

    the beauty of a photo is that it can display the precise moment you want for your argument. if you were to display a photo from a split second earlier, you would see that ball in the position of carraghers foot, so tell me, if carragher were attempting to injure nani, why would he aim where the ball was that split second before and in a position where you would find most shin pads? perhaps if nani had been wearing shin pads that were fit for an adult male then we would not even be having this argument!

  17. @ Brendan, look Dear I posted the details to your site, “Liverpool banter” on the Republik of Mancunia site, you dont appear on their darling.Is it a question of just bullying with you?Or can you not take on the Lads and Lassies their.
    Anyways I will not be detered retrospective action should be taken on Carragher, but that will never happen because of that “Ignorant” pillock Blatter.

  18. I think I can scientifically prove that United will still beat arsenal to the premiership.

    Comparison of remaining games:

    (a) where United have an advantage:

    United play Bolton at home; GOONERS play them away
    We play Fulham at home, they play them away
    We play Blackpool at home, they play them away
    We play Everton at home, they play Liverpool at home
    We play Newcastle away, they play Spurs away

    (b) where the gooners have an advantage

    United play chelski at home, gooners play villa at home
    We play them away, they place us at home

    © unsure how to weight:

    United play west ham away, gooners play stoke and west brom away

    Plus they have to win their game in hand to draw level on points

    Plus: We can look for favours from:
    City: who play chelski away
    Scousers: who play arsenal away and city at home

  19. @DPool of life. My ears hurt. 😀
    How do you laugh yer cock off? I think there might be a buisness in that. 😀

  20. Have to love the Liverpool trolls coming on a united site complaining that we need to have a more balanced view when the Liverpool sites they post links to only allow dippers to post on them. Carragher should have seen Red and you all know it, so should Rafael, Maxi got away with one with his high foot on Rafael and Suarez should be getting done retrospectively for pulling Rafael’s hair, even if its just a warning about future conduct. The referee, Phil Dowd, has a responsibility to protect the players on the pitch, he failed and United will pay the price with Nani sidelined for a few weeks. I can admit United were out played and congrats to Liverpool for that but that’s not the focus of this article and in preseason if I knew we’d beat Liverpool 2 of the 3 times we played them this year i’d have been happy with it 🙂

  21. @George Bestest, well said mate and spot on.I think they are getting a bit shakey mate, the perch is rocking.They see the 19th almost now.With a United push as we will always do on the buisness end of the season, complete the task in hand.I would ask, like you mate.When did Liverpool last win a Premiership title.Answer, never.We have 11, under the best Football manager ever.
    Keep it Red, or yer fuckin dead.
    Cmon United.
    Off to the pub, to think about the consequences of Arsenal getting eliminated from the Champions league, and no doubt discuss with my “Sellick” mates,bitchin wth the Gers. 😀

  22. i totally agree.he should do a KEANO.lunge on the bastard double footed and end his career.get a red card but u r sure never to see this thug ever in ur lifetime playing the game.

  23. POOL OF LIFE – Are you somehow stuck on caps for every one of your comments? There’s no need to spell check anything pal because you must have had a Scouser education so it’s hardly your fault. KEAN’S?, LAFFIN?, ME COCK OFFF? You make all Scousers look like the worst educated buggers in the UK.

  24. Referees are wankers and are ruining the game. Gary Neville at west brom. Rooney at Wigan. Carrager against us and another kamikazee display of redding at the nou camp’ avaunt arsenal tonight. It annoys me to see us benefit from our rubbish refs just as much as when were on the receiving end. I’m on strike from football until refs sort stuff out.


  26. What you say has a lot of merit siMUFC. The lack of consistency – whether it’s for or against your own club pisses everyone off. Is it too much to ask for the same rules to apply for EVERYONE? Are referees under so much pressure from television replays that they are too scared of making a wrong decision when their gut feeling may have been right in the first place?

    Yes, there’s little doubt that Rafael could, and maybe should have been red carded at Anfield but no referee who had a few minutes earlier allowed Carragher to get away with his assault on Nani would have had the guts to do so. Had Carragher gone, there’s no doubt that Rafael would have been red carded as well. But then again, if justice had been served in the first place, the Rafael incident may never have happened.

  27. I can even go further kim. Someone else should then do the same job on Steven Gerrard for his pathetic, arrogant reaction to Carragher’s assault. That will then be TWO Scousers that the game can finally be rid of.

  28. “Someone else should then do the same job on Steven Gerrard for his pathetic, arrogant reaction to Carragher’s assault.”

    Haha, doubtful mate. I remember when Cara broke his leg V Blackburn several years back, and he tried to carry on playing.

    Now compare that to Nani’s reaction….

    ….and you call Gerrard pathetic?

    Dry your eyes Nani…..and your shin.


  29. Lets push on Reds and win that 19th, and now for the Arsenal at the Theatre of dreams, where images and fantastic things are displayed repeatedly before our eyes.
    I imagine,Ryan Giggs, waltzing his way through the Arsenal defence, and blootering the ball in the onion bag.
    Dreams are made of history and if you have crystal balls.
    Cmon United.
    Cya.Lets win the Fa cup.And the 19th will be ours.

  30. Carrager,Gerrard and maxi all with stud up leg breaking challenge, what a dirty bunch if that is Dalglish’s tactic then god help Liverpool.

  31. Nani has been his own worst enemy with regard to how Refs see him . That said Dowd had no excuse with this one ! Perhaps Nani should take out a civil action against both carragher in the first instance then Dowd at a later date .
    Perhaps then players will think before intentionally harming another player .

    Why do i suggest this . A competant legal team could clearly show Carragher as the thug that he is . Officials could not hide behind the wall of silence they are afforded about decisions

    I know its drastic but totally believe Carragher knew Nani would skin him and took his chance to take him out of the game .

  32. All the media silence is actually another way to attack the refs,a phsychological attack againts the officials ,now the people can see how awful the refs decisions….the Godfather way of attack!

  33. after ive just read this… (i use the term losely) ‘article’ i had to check that the site was a professional website, or just a tacky example of a childs diary to the world that he/she made himself, i hope they’re not paying for your services thats all im saying.

  34. @geothermalcat – Like you must be aware, the vast majority of blogs are written by amateur fans rather than professional journalists. This one is no different so that answers your question. It obviously could have been completely ignored except I felt that I should pay you the courtesy of a response. You also failed to mention why the question was raised in the first place except to say that you have just read this ‘loosely’ termed ‘article’. Would you like to shed some light on it?

  35. Nani get his own back ?? He’d cwy and cwy and cwy!!

    …and I wonder whether red nose will condemn Jonny Evans tackle today ?? Like he berated Keane for ending the career of Alfi Halland ? What did you bunch of cockneys do ? Chant his name.

  36. Ohhhh like the old Roy Keane one against Haaland. Or Rooney’s elbow or Cantona karate kicking a fan. Blah blah blah.

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