7 thoughts on “Why Wenger's kick off proposal is not practical

  1. @Sapper. I remember those good old days well mate even though they were thousands of miles away in Australia. The first complete round up came through on radio at 6.45am on a Sunday morning and I used to sit there with the fixture list writing the results in all four divisions. I will then spend ages analysing and calculating what they meant for United. Yes, Sky has given us some pluses like being able to watch games live on TV but there has been plenty of minuses as well.

  2. How do you think it used to happen before Sky got their theiving mitts on football, all games used to kick off at 3pm on Saturday afternoon, and finished at virtually the same time.
    I pity those who have never sat round a radio, or stared at the final score on grandstand, waiting in great anticipation for all the results to come in.

  3. i think the pluses out weight the minus’ with tv, the money and the ability to watch many matches is great.

    i do remember a few years ago when chelsea- bolton and everton against us were both on the early kick off and thats was great.

  4. There are fors and againsts in everything Jack, we just have to accept what’s thrown at us because there’s very little we can do about it. Absolutely nothing wrong with nostalgia and wishful thinking but where does it get us? Let’s just enjoy and live with what we have after all, it’s not all that bad is it?

  5. Wenger was talking to the arsenal magazine and the guy who interview asked him about the title race and how it affects teams mentally

    Wenger just gave a suggestion about teams playing at the same time. He didnt say it should be compulsory for the last 3 fixtures to be on at the same time.

    I cant believe something from an Arsenal magazine has created an article on a Man utd blog.

  6. It’s not hard to work out the reason John. If such a proposal is ever introduced Manchester United will be one of the clubs affected. One of Wengers comments was “I think they should make each team’s last three fixtures all kick off at the same time, not just the last one” Wenger told the Official Arsenal Magazine. That makes it compulsory in my book. It’s also something which I believe is done in La Liga.

  7. Wenger does have a point, and it’s a valid point for every team in the title race, if all the teams had to kick off at the same time at least we would see footbal how it should be played.

    How many times have we seen United go through the motions in a last game because the title has been decided, and fans who came to see a spectacle witness a reserve team turn out, only when the trophy is presented for all the stars to suddenly appear in full kit !!.

    The fans at the game get conned for the sake of the TV camera’s.

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