4 thoughts on “Rooney punished yet Sky escape scot free!

  1. agree with your point but one problem: How would ‘live in-play betting’ work when it’s not actually live? Any delay would present an opportunity for taking advantage of this… (Though I would rather see the bookies suffer than football fans as a whole!)

  2. Some mancs are just delusional. Rooney did not get punished for swearing. He got punished for swearing INTO A CAMERA, TWICE. I dont remember Chelsea fans going this mental when Drogba got a four game ban for his episode. You can swear all you want on the pitch, just dont be a complete moron and do it into a camera. Sky Sports does not factor into this at all, they did what they are supposed to do, provide live coverage of a game. Rooney is the only fool to blame. Stupid Scouse so-and-so.

  3. No Karl, not delusional at all. Drogba directed his cursing at the referee, Rooney to a mere camera. Yes, Rooney was an ABSOLUTE moron to do what he did but I still maintain that Sky has got to carry a lot of the responsibility. After all, why does legislation exist for talk back radio to use a delay button but not television in order to shield its viewers from ‘morons’ like Rooney?

  4. To add more fuel to the fire it’s been suggested that the cameraman actually asked Rooney to “Kiss” the camera.

    And more fuel has to be thought that this is retrospective punishment which according to FIFA is wrong, unless the incident is included in the Ref’s report, which as far as I understand it wasn’t.

    So basically what has happened is the FA have issued Rooney with a retrospective red card for his outburst, fair enough the laws of the game demand it.

    But why isn’t the media in a furore over Didier Drogba beckoning a fan from the stands to back up his insults with actions, that was seen by millions but just laughed off.

    Why wasn’t the FA in fully cry when Stevie G put two fingers up to a Ref’s face, another sending off offence.

    Once again the FA are guilty by all counts of inconsistency.

    If I were Wayne Rooney i would pick up the phone to Capello, retire from international football and withdraw from any of the FA’s promotional campaigns, after all they can’t have it both ways can they ?.

    The FA seem at the moment to have two sets of rules.

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