13 thoughts on “Please Roo, give a middle finger salute to the FA

  1. Hi Frank,

    I am pissed as much as you are mate, but the one and only reason we must beat City with strongest possible side is to stop them from having a chance to win their first piece of silverware in 35 years, meaning that we have to take that banner down at Old Trafford. Let’s face it, the winners of this semi-final will win the cup. If it was anyone other than the comedy club, I would go with you on your idea of playing the youth team.

  2. I’d rather win the FA Cup to be honest. It may not be what it once was but the club has a proud FA Cup tradition and we should respect it. We should find a different way of getting back at the FA. I think Wayne should pull out of the next few England friendlies and refuse to do any media work for the FA. It’s not as if his place in the team is under any threat. Make them realise that they must appreciate him a bit more and stop using United players every time the want to make a point.

  3. Absolutely correct Kings – which is why I soon had second thoughts. Don’t be so sure that “the winners of this semi-final will win the cup”. Whether it’s United or City, Bolton or Stoke will have something to say about it – as Birmingham did against Arsenal in the Carling Cup.

  4. The best way for wazza to put his middle finger up to the fa is to walk away from England full stop can any man united fan honestly say the like watching England games the whole set up is laughable so please wazza just concentrate on club football cos obviously your back ground isn’t good enought for the what Fucking what arseholes same applies with rio

  5. :millsy. and here i was thinking i’m the only one who felt this way. i honestly think thats the best thing for him to do and let me see what the FA will say about it knowing they have no good replacement. is it darren bent or carlton cole. rubbish. the FA iss fucking annoying.

  6. I`m almost certain the FA had reduced the ban to one match, hadn`t it been for the second game Wazza misses is the city clash.
    If what I`ve heard is right, it was David “FCUK” Bernstein who pulled some strings for this to happen.

    Maybe I`m being a bit too much into conspiracies, bu we all know how FIFA operates, so I`m not surprised if dirty work are being done in the FA offices as well.

    Im sick and tired of The FA making United and the players as examples.
    It has been a pattern now for a while, pisses me off.

  7. I’m a Pompey fan who always supports the English clubs – including United – in European competition. That first paragraph is the reason why many fans do not support United – a perceived arrogance among many – though certainly not all – of their fans. After all, I can remember several recent finals involving United that weren’t exactly ‘classicos’ either

  8. Apologies for being so blunt Neil. I now realise that I should have said “Not exactly a pulsating Barca – Real classico was it except for fans of both clubs?” It has now been revised.

  9. Yes henry all England games are a waste of time exspecially all the friendlys it’s holds too much chance of injuries and i agree England need Wayne more than Wayne needs England people like crouch bent and Defoe just arnt at the same level as wazza and dont get me started on rio that Italian clown has treated him with no respect at all. To me it’s feeling like we are the club the fa are setting an example on because we are the most famous club and it will get the most publicity

  10. I’m so angry about Rooney shouting in the TV cam. I think we should sell him. As a personal christian, I cannot except such behaviour. We could give him to City in exchange for Adebayour. Then we’d have the perfect line-up:

    Van der Saar;Neville-Ferdinand-Vidic-Evra;Scholes-Hargreaves;Ronaldo-Anderson-Nani;Adebayour

    GO UNITED!!!

  11. @ Kalle Klovn – If you can not handle bad language maybe you should quit watching football all together. Footballers swear in almost every game.
    In one sentence you don’t agree with what Rooney did, in the next your wishing us to sign Adebayour? Hang on, the same Adebayour who ran the full length of the pitch to gloat at his old fans when (who used to pay his wages) and almost caused a riot and pitch invasion? Get some balance in your argument you clown before you stand on the moral religious high ground judging Rooney when Adebayour’s actions where just as bad.
    Would also like to bring to your attention in your “Perfect Line Up” that Owen Hargreaves and Anderson are actually injured, Gary Neville has retired and Ronaldo now plays for Real Madrid.


  12. I think we have to get away from this paranoia that the FA hates Manchester United, I am almost sure they don’t, it’s not the FA you have to look at, it’s the media demanding the FA have to act.

    By the media I mean Sky and the printed matter, if you cared to listen to the ever rational BBC though Alan Shearer was quoted as saying !”we’ve all done it, it was a hat trick after a relative goal drought, the boy has apologised, now lets move on”

    All this season the red tops seem to have had United, Fergie and Rooney in their sights, and in all fairness the two of them have given them the bullets to fire, so it is up to the players and staff at Old Trafford to remove the bullets.

    Point 1.
    If Wayne had acted how he did towards the club earlier in Fergies career he would have been on his way, when the revelations surfaced about his activities off the pitch, he would have been on his way, in Matts day he would have gone long before that, Matt and the club hated bad press.

    Point 2
    Fergie by bot talking to the media, and imposing blackouts is making a rod for the clubs back, what he refuses to say they will make up, or dig deep to find any snippet of scandal.

    Getting back to the swearing, what Rooney did was wrong, foul and abusive language is a straight red card, which is an automatic 2 match ban, so he got what he deserved.

    The FA cup and Premier league are run by the FA, the ban is a ban from FA competitions, that is why he cannot play against the berties, I do so wish some fans would read the rules of the FA, before they indulge in paranoia, it has nothing to do with who is chairman, it’s the rules, and when you get caught breaking rules you have to expect some form of punishment.

  13. I cannot agree with EVERY one of your points Sapper but a very sensible, balanced comment nonetheless.

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