12 thoughts on “Schmeichel suggestion for Roo may be sensible

  1. I’ve felt this since the revelations about his private life unfolded, the only way for him to escape is to leave United and follow Ronaldo to Real, or even Barca, I honestly feel that the longer he stays at United the more the British press will hound him and try to destroy his career, like they did with Best.

  2. I agree with Sapper.I wanted to add more to the debate, my computer keeps crashing when I am on Truly Reds, with a “virus” from here.Odd!

  3. Surely RedScot, Truly Reds did not give your computer a “virus” mate! We are not normally in the habit of giving anything away. Seriously, love to hear what you have to say about the matter.

  4. I am being serious! you might thnk I am joking Boss, I aint.
    Although a competition for the Bill Foulkes book would be good! lol.
    No seriously IF I try to write more that 100 words the computer crashes.
    Its a pigs ear Boss.

  5. Ok just a quickie.With no meat to support it.Does Sir Alex know the Glazer are bust, and wont let his star player go.Thats why he sticks with him?
    I could back that up! But the computer keeps freezing!

  6. That could be a possibility mate. No point in Ferguson picking up 50 or 60 mill for Rooney if he’s not allowed to spend it to reinforce his squad. He may have learnt that lesson from the sale of Ronaldo. But I somehow doubt it. Ferguson is a man of high principles and if he feels that he was stabbed in the back by Rooney, he will have no hesitation in allowing him to piss off.

  7. He has stuck bye only 1 player before Eric Cantona.
    The point you make Boss is what I think.The money aka Ronaldo, Tevez, would dissapear to finance the £42 million pound PA debt.
    I say trust our Boss, but nothing else in the upper enchelons of United.

  8. I think Man Utd should ask Madrid for Benzema to be in the swap plus 30 mil.Everybody would win,Man U will have a good and experienced striker and Madrid will have space for rooney.

  9. Currently as we know Reds the signing on policy is “you must have a resale value” Thats where we are Reds.
    Goodnight.I will reboot and rewind.Its these stupid dating sites I visit. lmao

  10. The point being at the end of the day!We have 3 cups to win, starting with the biggest challenge on Tuesday and then the weekend, to increase the 35 years.We need all players and supporters behind the cause! Gazza or Wazza or whatever lol. No need for not picking at this stage of the season its about “CLUB” Togetherness.
    Cmon United.

  11. I don’t believe Ferguson is allowed to sell Rooney. The Glazers won’t sanction the sale of the club’s most famous player. You need to have at least one high profile superstar for marketing purposes.

  12. Rooney should b soled, precisely 2 realmadrid. I think dats where his value would worth each day of his life

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