3 thoughts on “Mou 'I'll follow Fergie' – Gotta love his chutzpa!

  1. What the fuck are Chutzpa? I will die before he takes over over our Club.
    Do not underestimate what I mean!
    There are 3 missions for me and the power of the net, is to rid our Club of the Glazer,For United to continue to be as succesfull as possible, but not under an outsider with no obvious connection to our great club.3rd to shout my team as i think i should shout to win, not like Sir Matt go out and play, Like the best ever premiership manager, Sir Alex, go out and fucking just win!
    Cmon YOU Reds.

  2. You deserve an explanation RedScot

    Chutzpa – Noun Slang

    1. unmitigated effrontery or impudence; gall.
    2. audacity; nerve.

    Does that not describe Mou perfectly?

  3. You have a nerve Boss! Brill lmao.Good to be back, viruses sorted.
    Jaysus We are all Mou, i sincerely hope not. Au revoir. Mwahhhhh, with raspberries.
    Cmon you Reds lets stop these Bitters.Its gonna be awesome

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