19 thoughts on “Rooney says ‘Everton fans want us to do 19’

  1. Truly Reds has recently had a comment suggesting that comments like the ones above should not be allowed to appear. OK, I admit to being wrong before and likely to be wrong again in the future but I have to ask. Why should imbeciles like these not be shown up for what they are so that everyone can see what sort of idiots football has to put up with?

  2. I am an Everton fan Rooney, a true Everton fan that would play for them for nothing and wouldn’t just leave as soon as someone flashes a few more quid in my face than the ridiculous amounts I would have got at Everton. If there wasn’t a club called Everton, 99.9% of scousers would support Liverpool. I for one would rather Liverpool had a better record than Man U. How the hell would you know Rooney about Everton fans and why are you even bothered. Your a Manc now so keep your stupid comments about your own team and leave us out of it.

  3. Cannot completely agree with you John Martin but at least you have put forward a sensible comment UNLIKE the other idiotic ones.

  4. TRUE, iDOTIC…. Comment comining, we need 9 points a great win on Saturday morning, thats our fixture to win?
    Tongue in cheek naturally

  5. Fair go Dan. John made the valid point that “If there wasn’t a club called Everton, 99.9% of Scousers would support Liverpool” Is that unreasonable? Do you have any doubt that “If there wasn’t a club called Liverpool, 99.9% of Scousers would support Everton”. And if there wasn’t a club called Manchester United 99.9% of Mancs would support City – and vice versa?

  6. 9 points will go mighty close mate but don’t ignore the small possibility of goal difference playing a part. 10 points will ensure it and that’s what I want to be certain of.

  7. fuck off u JEPO rooney,go ask ur manger 4 more mony u got 2many bill 2 pay u stil have not payed to the old weman u had it las time + another 2 more girls and many more on the way

  8. Rooney shows great disrespect to Everton fans with this comment. Real Everton fans are concerned with Everton and do not give a monkeys what Man U do or dont do. Did Rooney think we are supporting him? He is clearly living in ‘Rooney Land’.

  9. Frank,

    He may be right but it’s easy to be turned off by the LiverpoolFootballClub brand. By way of an example – just this very morning – KingKenny (copyright 1978) was whinging about needing an influx of players in the summer. With regard to Wayne’s latest outburst we Evertonians probably do want you to get to 19 in order to shut them up (and there’s not much chance of them matching that in the short-term). I think it will be an interesting game and if Utd aren’t at the top of their game it might be close. I’ll go for 2-1 United – but I’ll be sat firmly on my backside in the Stretford End (with my United mate) if the result is anything other than a home win!!

  10. First of all, this is a man united blog…so we will write thing in regard to man united…abusing and talking shit just for the sake of fun makes a person look like a maniac..so please…in future if people wants to post some comments over here(whether they are man united fans or not), just write things which make sense

    On the topic, well i thought Liverpool will lost to arsenal last weekend, so as to boost arsenal’s chances of putting pressure on united, but then we saw them working hard and eventually getting an equalizer in the 102nd minute..so now it is everton’s chance…it will be interesting to see what happens, because everton can pose danger as they are a dangerous team…and hope sir alex plays fabio instead of o shea because baines will definately cause a lot of problems for our right midfield(like he did against us in that 3-3 draw at the goodison)…and i think oshea will not be able to match baine’s pace…we have a great home record…we have won 15 of our 16 home games…we could have won 16 of our 16 home games in the league this season had we not been unlucky against west brom…as for rooney thing…i think he’ll score…he’s on fire…and with the right mindset we can win this one…GO MANCHESTER UNITED!

  11. Don’t care about rooney,man u or liverpool.Every time i watch the blue boys i want them to win and take the 3 points.Don’t care about the implications of a win,loss or draw regarding the title race because if everton are not involved then i don’t care.End of.Rooney is so off the mark thinking he knows what our fans want.You’ve cut you’re ties lad,lets keep it that way

  12. Firstly I accept and respect that this is a United website – that said I feel I have the right to contribute as Rooney has brought Evertonians into this debate. Rooney is a fine footballer – no doubt. Otherwise he is hated on Merseyside – as he would no doubt have been in Manchester had he have left earlier this season. He is a thick uncouth greedy little shit who has no right to or substance to convey his views that ‘all evertonians want United to win a 19th title’. Frankly it would be like shoosing to be shot or hung – so leave us (everton) out of it until we have added another 10 titles to our 9. Enjoy the game.

  13. Dont 99.9% of scousers support Everton anyway?

    But no I do want United to win the league, anything to piss off the Liverpool fans is nice, just hope you lot collect the points needed AFTER saturday!


  14. Would like nothing more than to see Sir Alex, our Wayne and there Michael (Owen) pick the 19th up.

    The majority of us actually live in Liverpool with them, although most of them wouldn’t know where Analfield was if they where dropped outside the Karachi Kop.

    What was it Sir Alex said, “knock them off there fu((ing perch.

    I can’t wait.

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