3 thoughts on “Forget Chelsea, Schalke is not beaten yet

  1. Evening Reds,I would like to think the 2.0 prediction is accurate.Not that I bet and my ‘crystal balls’ are in cold storage.I do believe 04Schalke cant play so badly as they did in their home tie, nothing to lose scenario, like Arsenal at the Emirates on Sunday.So they can go out and play with freedom and attack, with the knowledge if they lose another goal, they are virtually out of the competition anyhow……like Arsenal as I suggested.
    My fear is if they come out all howitzers blazing and do happen to score, the whole impetus of the tie alters immediately.
    I think however, the Old Trafford crowd know the importance of the occasion obviously and will be the lads 12th man, on these very very special European night at the ‘theatre’.
    As the article details this team are no push overs , regardless of their Bundesliga postion and weekend performance!****Cough****, all the semi finalists were beaten though.
    Am going for a 1.1,with Sir Alex resting some key players for the Chelsea game on Sunday……Time for the squad to truly show they are United players and can grasp the moment.
    Ps of topic, Great to see Pep Guardiola, withdrawing Carles Puyol in the 89th minute for a Nou Camp ovation and the introduction of Eric Abidal who recently in February was diagnosed with cancer, to be found to be all clear.Class!Are you watching Mourhino………about the players………not you!
    I hear Manuel Neuer, did not make the trip……..Ohhhh I wish.
    Cmon you Reds. 😀

  2. The job is not done yet. United need to be on their game and guard against complacency. Stay professional and it should be a cracking final.

  3. I’d go for a 1 – 1 draw too – but if they score first there could be some nervous moments – especially if it’s towards the end of the game.
    A few people I spoke to said Shalke might try to hold out as long as possible at 0-0 and then push hard in the last 10-15 minutes so as not to leave Utd. time to react if they do score. I expect a controlled performance from Utd and I think if we score first the tie fizzle out.

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