5 thoughts on “Fingers crossed de Gea is the answer

  1. He will be grand With Rafael Vidic(C) Smalling Evra to help him we will be grand Rio could be inj again a lot next season

  2. I watched him a couple of times in the U21 Championships and my impression is that he does like or need to be behind a good defence, some of his antics during the games were almost Barthezesque, especially when coming for the odd high ball from corners or crosses.
    At only 20 it is one heck of a gamble, and the Premier League is totally different to anything he will have experienced before, the game is a lot faster, he will need to be given time to adapt, I just hope the odd bad game, which he is bound to have, doesn’t dent his confidence.

  3. Comparing de Gea to Carroll is like comparing a Ferarri to a Ford Escort, Carroll should never have come to United.

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