10 thoughts on “Chelsea, not City is United’s biggest threat

  1. Good report, but Torres is not misfiring. He scored an excellent goal and should have had an assist but Ramires missed. Every game he is getting better and it won’t be long until he is knocking them in for fun!

  2. As a city fan I respect your views but I think that not only City will hit a difficult patch. Every team does. i’ll be interested to see how your new guys get on then. I also happen to think City’s second elevn would get in the top four. We are a different animal now as you will see this season.

  3. Fair comments re the game itself. It could have been a different outcome if the first (blatantly offside) the second must give Nani the benefit as the decision was to close to call, the third was a gift from terry. Overall terrible defending from us and have a feeling Bossi will take over as RB with Alex/Luiz in the CB position. Torres has improved tremendously and despite the **** miss will go from strength to strength.

    Great game and a very good advert for the premier league..

  4. City were equal on points with Chelsea last season, and knocked us out of the FA cup.

    For SAF to say Chelsea are our main rivals is just mind games – putting pressure on a young manager with a thin, ageing squad, and pretending City aren’t really here.

    City have 60 patient Abramovich’s (financially), and a manager who doesn’t take any sh*t. Instead of trying to buy Kaka, he’s built a non-obvious team with strength in depth.

    City’s patient muslim benefactor pitched up in a city where the other team was being loaded with debt by US-based jews. UEFA invented new financial rules aimed at stopping City, but it hasn’t worked – they now have UEFA, barclays bank and the city council in their back pocket.

    At christmas, when chelsea were spending a fortune on Torres, and liverpool slightly less on Andy Carrol, Mancini bought Edin Dzeko – a striker who is outscoring Torres20-1. The manager who can afford to make mistakes, isn’t.

    If Ferguson doesn’t see City as our biggest domestic threat, he’s mental. Chelsea are a spent force, with a tinkering owner who doesn’t have enough money.

  5. “Great game and a very good advert for the premier league”

    It was a very enjoyable game to watch and it is a good advert as these are the types of games that attract peoples attention, open gung-ho attacking but looking at it in the cold light of day there was very little quality. It was school-yard stuff most of the time with balls being pinged up and down the pitch that completely bypassed both sets of midfield players. Evra mentioned it yesterday – no control, on another day we could have been on the end of a heavy defeat.

  6. Typical United fan. Just will not admit the fact that they know it’s City who they are really worried about !!

  7. Did Utd beat Benfica? Did they get two offside goals to beat Chelsea. Hmmm, I’d say Utd don’t look to convincing so maybe Chelsea are City’s main rival.

  8. City are not the finished article but they are not far off, neither would I consider mancini an obstacle to City success, he has been the calalyst and has a winners mentality with the medals to prove it both as a player and a manager. Neither do I see City being as dependent on Aguero this season as they were on Tevez last. Both Dzeko and Tevez will have a part to play and that;s without considering balotelli who is very much on the finges whilst he grows up or implodes.

    CFC will be a real threat, Torres isn’t mis firing, sure he missed a sitter but he got there to miss it didn’t he? He scored a terrific finish too and had a skillful asist but for Rameres’s blip!

    I think that CFC, City & ManU will fight it out with little to choose and with it going down to the wire. United can take nothing for granted or nothing will be what they get.

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