2 thoughts on “Boring show but United get the three points from Sunderland

  1. I am not going to imply or veil in any way that performance was champagne football it was more flat lemonade, to be supped through a sweaty sock and endured.The point really and it was the same against Everton and the Romanians midweek was to rebuild confidence and close the backdoor, after the (unmentionable) shipping goals.
    As far as that job done, three more points another tricky opponent out of the way.I also believe the lads today did not want to fail the greatest ever manager in the Premiership and arguably of all time in English football.Hence there was a hesitation and lack of gusto and nervousness in the play.Imagine how we would all be writing/thinking if it had gone foul on his big day.
    Clearly the highlight was the fabulous and rightly deserved tribute to the ‘proper’ boss, lol.It was magnificent and I will not hide the fact, I had a huge smile on my face and a tear in my eye.It was a moment to live for, the North stand name lacked class, its now got a zing and some panache.My only regreton this subject you would have thought the Glazer’s could have made the effort to be there to commerate the achievement and be on the hallowed turf along with David Gill.That’s not to much to ask is it, it might even start to repair some bridges, not in my case but with some of the ‘faithfull’ that slavishly support at Old Trafford.
    Finally,a few little points, Wes Browns 6th goal for United, we miss you Wes and your experience and ability to play in numerous postions.
    United during the whole match had 2 completed dribbles bye Ji Sung Park, not a dig just an observation of lack of confidence.
    Wayne Rooney in his ‘new role’ the Sneijder effect was an improvement on his last outing, in fact in my opinion, man of the match for United.The Sunderland goalkeeper Westwood was a bit tasty also.
    A dull game, not a yawn fest, but job done for our Boss.
    Big shout out for Sir Alex, one of a kind the envy of all our competitors and I hope they have the humilty to provide the plaudits to him over the next few days.The like of him we will never see again.
    Orra best.Cheers,Boss.

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