8 thoughts on “Berbatov as playmaker : Possible or pointless?

  1. some good points and some terrible ones….really dont know where to start with this one!
    all i will say is that berbatov in a diamond with carrick holding and rooney playing off a “number 9” would be the most “open to being raped” united side i have ever seen, our creaky backline atm would get murdered!

  2. I understand your concern mate. However, our most successful season in some time has been the treble winning season in 2007-08. There, we had Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez who were rotating all about the place, and that didn’t turn out to be too bad!

    You’re right in saying we might get raped – that backline without vidic is lamentable. Nevertheless, I think once we have Vidic back, it just might work.

  3. Speaking as someone who has a soft spot for Berba, I’d quite like to see this. He could do for United what Le Tissier once did for Southampton – and who knows, with good players around him (something Le Tiss hardly ever had) it might even work. Given that Fergie seems keen to give everyone – except Pogba – a go in the middle this season, why not Berbatov?

    Yes, we’d be open at the back, but let’s face it we’ve been open at the back all season anyway.

  4. Interesting stats that tell a bit. Disagree about one thing though; Berba isn’t show..!

  5. I think there are 3 players on whom United should ponder very seriously : Christian Eriksen (Ajax), Kevin Strootman (Psv) & Mario Godze (Dortmund).

  6. man this is a great article! and yeah why can’t SAF at least bring berb on as sub in midfield to help deal with the LACK of caliber in that area. berb’s got great touch and feel and can obviously pass like demon and he’s good at holding up the ball.
    he came on and did a good job as center back, that shocked everyone and he is far more suited to be playing further up the pitch. so yeah as an attacking midfielder or central. i’d just like to see some change. there’s not enough fluidity in the way man u play a lot of the time…

  7. I truly believe that Berbatov possesses the qualities to act as a playmaker. My main concern is his motivation as it seems that he only plays well when he feels like.

  8. Yea that is an issue isn’t it? anyway Ferguson now says Berba might leave in the summer. I swear to god if he lets Berba leave and gives a contract extension to Michael Owen, I might just kill him.

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