4 thoughts on “Seven Games Left, Five Points Gap

  1. Quote: Ewood Park is a tough place for United to go to.

    BULLSHT, Blackburn have one of the worst ever statistics against United in the entire history of the Premier League.

    They have a worse win rate than Tottenham Hotspur have against United, and for the record Spurs have not beaten United in over a decade, thats teen years for you less educated lot.

    United fans are always full of Sht.

  2. You sad little plastic bitter rat. Obsessed with United much?

    Got your chelsea shirt from last season back out your wardrobe yet?

    cant even fill your round you pathetic little urchins. Shit club with shit fans. Mercenary bottlers.

    ps. 19 going on 20! How many titles have city got? If you even know that is.

  3. Glad to hear a Citeh fan got deep into our stats..simply coz your club got nofin to talk abt …i always see ur rabbish comments here..and will always keep them so ppl see hw city fans fink….

    Why always us 😀 haha

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