6 thoughts on “United agree Lucas Moura Deal

  1. The Mirror and its Editor are the biggest bullshitters around. They first quoted £32million which according to them Moura’s team turned down, so how can they now accepte a lesser amount? Does it make sense? Evidently not with the Mirror. Kagawa from what I have seen is good and a great buy for United by our Great Manager, the best in the business. Shinji will do very well, and when I saw his videos I could’nt think of anyone better the boss could buy, even Moura. Moura of course only 19, could end up replacing Ronaldo as the best who played for United, indeed world player, if he becomes a United player. Ferguson is the man to forge him and guide him into that.

  2. A few weeks ago Chelsea had a £40m bid turned down. Why would his club take less now.

  3. Manchester united is a great club per say,they should go 4 the best in orda 2 retain n maintain d dignity of d club,if luca moura wil give united wat dey want dey shld go 4 him bt our major problm in d pitch is “4”carick lapses can nt giv united d best dey shld corect d impresion nw by bringin in quality player dt wil make tins hapen b4 d kick off start n our striking force need RVP, been an experience player dat wil play alongside wit Rooney.

  4. Nani is a product, a player dat wil enta pitch n triger tension 2 d oponent his presence alone changed so many tins in d pitch his skilful n d kind of player united need pls united dn’t sale nani add more matured player 2 d squad nt 2 sale d player dt wil make tins hapen dat d club wil b even lookin out deir 2 buy pls united resolve nani issue amicably.

  5. Are there any translators in the house to help interpret whatever Modesty is trying to say?

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