1 thought on “Reviewing our first game and defeat at Goodison Park

  1. Evertonian here. Obviously well pleased with both the result and our performance. A bit dissapointed with SAF’s rather ungraceous comments in defeat about our only play being based on “lumping” the ball to Fellaini. There were plenty of slick, one touch, moves involving Fellaini, Pienar, Osman and Baines. However, agree your comments about 1. Kagawa: you have some player there. Silky and mobile. Not sure how long it will take him to adapt to teams who try to stop him in his tracks by physical intimidation. 2. De Gea: clearly a potentialy great keeper. Felt sorry for him when he started playing for you owing to a few “ricks” He’ll continue to get even better. 3. Rooney: Wish we still had him (of course), but he looks not at his best weight at the moment. Get him fit and he’ll revert to being a World Class player … alongside.. 4. RVP: That signing will probably enable you to regain the Premiership Title. Final point 5: HANDS OFF OUR FELLAINI!! Otherwise, hope it’s as good a game when we meet you at Old Trafford.

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