11 thoughts on “Why Shinji Kagawa needs a run of games

  1. There is only room for one inexperienced player at a time in the front 4 for United. Sometime Zaha will need games, Kagawa will have to accept his opportunities. But the lad who you name as offering something rather special, Januzaj is surely the first of those three to get chances. Its not everyday you have a potential young ‘Cruyff’ on your hands.
    Kagawa must also be hoping that Lingard doesn’t keep scoring at Brum, otherwise he could be pushed down to 4th choice of ‘new guy’. Kagawa has talent, but these arguments that he isn’t playing well because United don’t play like Dortmund are just hogwash. Japan doesn’t play like Dortmund, and Kagawa is played on the LHS for them, he isn’t strong enough physically for Japan to play him as a central playmaker. And he sure as hell isn’t for United to play him there in the EPL. He reminds me of a dry leaf when he gets pushed around and off the ball.
    Jury is definitely out, perhaps he can be used to get Dortmund’s much better German central midfielder in the summer ( but I doubt it).

  2. Just to be clear, I never said he isn’t flourishing at United because we don’t play like Dortmund. He has to make some adjustments to how we play just as we have to try and incorporate him into whatever style we look to play. That’s why I said he has to prove himself. The same goes for our youngsters too but they have advantage of United education so they slot in pretty well already.

    The fact that Valencia and Young got more game time than him despite being poor makes me think he should be given a run too.

  3. Very good article. Think we need to change to suit kagawa as we don’t currently have the wingers for 442. Would like to see us play 4231. Seen an interesting idea of playing Hernandez up front with a fluid 3 of RVP, kagawa and Rooney off him with Carrick and fellani anchoring midfield and Vera and Rafael providing the width. Easily interchangeable with RVP moving up top nani or januazj to left. Valencia can cover Rafael at right full/wing back. Also Evans partnering visit a must

  4. Very good article. Gives a good account of Kagawa’s strengths and weakness and I 100% agree that he should be given more game time. I would however say that for the type of player he is he would need a bit of room to make the odd loose pass and miss-control. Being a creative player means he has to take chances on what he imagines, sometimes it comes off, sometimes it doesn’t. But with a player of his calibre, given the chance to find his rhythm, it should eventually come off more often than not. He should work on using his low centre of gravity to his advantage when things get physical and keep in mind that space is quickly closed down in the Premier League, so he needs to get into it before his opponent and use it quickly. Other than that I hope he gets a chance to play regularly and build his confidence.

  5. Completely agree Andre. I think he can use his low centre of gravity better too. I feel like he’s expecting to get the foul call but it doesn’t work like that in England.

  6. ‘a player of his calibre’, erm what is that then?
    Ao far he has played like a reasonable reserve, no better.
    Of course on ‘play station’ he looks better, I think that is where you are all judging him.

  7. He has played like a reasonable reserve? Haha if that’s the case, I wonder what Ashley Young is? Strange logic.

  8. For people who don’t think kagawa is quality, I said to my friends at start of last season dortmund were one player short of winning champions league and it was him. He is perfect link player when team set up round him and we do have the players to do this. Is just a change of system from our traditional 442 and without natural width

  9. Nice write up about what Kagawa brings to the team. Although its frustrating hearing comments like this JW guy (or gal), who has no appreciation for the finer, more nuanced aspects of football, of finding space, positioning, technique, etc. To him, the best players are those that kick the hardest, run the hardest. Pretty ironic comment about play station football- caveman/JW football goes a long way on the ps3

  10. Thanks Daniel and there will always be people like JW everyone has their different preferences in a footballer so I let him be. At least you can appreciate the finer parts of kagawa’s game. Let’s hope he plays today

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