35 years

What To Do With The 35 Year Banner?

Well, we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Man City have won their first major trophy since 1976, their 35 year wait is over, and with it, so is the totting up of the years on the famous banner that hangs from the south side of the Streford End.

To be honest, until I read the many comments on Facebook and the websites and forums out there, I didn’t know how much that banner meant to those City fans! For some, it appeared that the prime motive for winning a trophy was to bring that banner down, rather than to get a trophy in their own rather empty cabinet.

Anyway, it’s over, £1 billion of blood money later and they’ve rendered the banner null and void. Or have they? There’s a big dilemma here about what to do with it now. Here are some ideas: