Our Football Books guide for Christmas gift

There’s a common assumption amongst the general population that books about football tend to be, well, crap. And unfortunately, in most circumstances, that tends to be the case. But that isn’t to say that there haven’t been some fantastic football books written over the years, whether it’s an autobiography, a book about the history of a specific club or country or even a book on tactics or training.

The Man United Premier Years 1992-2010

Steve Brookes is a diehard united fan. He spent a lot of time recently to bring for you a great book called The Manchester United Premier Years. It is a statistical book which you should own and add to your Man United collections. You will find EVERY RESULT SINCE 1992, EVERY LEAGUE TABLE, EVERY SQUAD LIST, MANAGER PROFILE, PLAYER PROFILES, CHAIRMAN PROFILES, HISTORY & BACKGROUND, TROPHIES,HEAD TO HEAD V MAN CITY SINCE THE BEGINNING, FANS MEMORIES and ALOT MORE.