Achtung! No German footballers for Ferguson

Perhaps the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson has been hesitant to sign World Cup star Mesut Ozil from Werder Bremen should not be altogether surprising. The midfielder appears capable of ticking every one of the required boxes – except one. You see, the 21 year old is German and Ferguson has NEVER, ever signed a German player in all his years at Old Trafford.

England debacle will impact on the Premier League

The World Cup is over and done with for England. Another four years, another failure. Nothing new in that but this time the ramifications could be far more serious because it could have a negative impact on both the Premier League and its clubs – including Manchester United. The fans that have built up the league into what it is today are beginning to look through the veneer and they don’t like what they see. They don’t like a dressing room culture which has produced overrated, overpaid and over pampered prima donnas who are seemingly divorced from reality.

Three World Cup stars for Sir Alex to consider

With the chances of Manchester United making a big name signing this summer receding faster than England’s chances of ever winning another World Cup, attention should turn to some of the outstanding young talent on display in South Africa. A handful of good performances in the tournament will obviously not guarantee long term success at Old Trafford but just like new signing Javier Hernandez made a huge impression for Mexico, there are others who have shown the sort of potential that Sir Alex Ferguson may be searching for. These are just three of them.