Wes Brown fully committed to win at West Ham

Amongst the large number of squad changes Sir Alex Ferguson is expected to make for Manchester United’s Carling Cup meeting with West Ham, nobody will be looking forward to the quarter final more than defender Wes Brown. First team appearances are few and far between these days making the veteran eager to get the most of the opportunities he gets before his advancing years catch up. Now past his 31st birthday and with his present contract due to expire at the end of next season, Brown is not sure how much time he has left at Old Trafford. There have even been suggestions that the former England international could be leaving United during one of the next two transfer windows.

Manchester United vs Stoke City Preview

A season that in all truth did not begin with the usual high expectations for Manchester United due to a number of well known, on and off field events comes to a conclusion at Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon with the champions surprisingly still in contention to retain a Premier League trophy which has been securely locked up at the Old Trafford cabinet since 2006.